Uncovering Florida's Gas Station Data: A Geospatial Guide to Business Decisions and Site Selection

March 26, 2024
14 mins read
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If you're on a journey to leverage the potential of geospatial data to guide your business decisions, pinpoint perfect locations, and much more, then look no further. We're about to plunge into the intriguing landscape of the Florida gas station industry. This guide aims to shed light on every facet of Florida's gas station scene, offering valuable insights that will aid in decision making and strategic planning.

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How many Gas Stations in Florida?

Interestingly, out of the total 196,643 gas stations spread across the United States, there 10,553 retail gas station locations in the state of Florida. This represents a staggering around 5.37% of the gas stations across the nation, indicating Florida's significant role in American fuel accessibility. This dense concentration of gas stations provides a plentiful selection for businesses looking to make site selection, fuel pricing, customer service, or any other data-driven decisions in the Florida fuel and gas industry. This also pinpoints Florida as a major contributor to the U.S. energy industry.

Distribution of Florida's Gas Stations by Counties

County Number of Gas Stations
Miami-Dade County 1026
Broward County 715
Hillsborough County 691
Duval County 577
Orange County 559
Palm Beach County 513
Polk County 412
Pinellas County 393
Volusia County 332
Brevard County 332
Marion County 298
Lee County 293
Pasco County 232
Bay County 216

Looking at the provided data, you'll notice that Miami-Dade County tops the list with the highest number of gas stations in Florida, boasting a substantial total of 1026 outlets. This significant presence points towards a dense market, possibly due to the county's high population and bustling tourist activity.

Close behind, you'll find Broward County and Hillsborough County, with 715 and 691 gas stations, respectively. Similarly, these areas are characterized by densely populated cities and high traffic corridors which justify the impressive number of fuel outlets.

On the lower end of the spectrum, we have Bay County, which still sustains a respectable number of 216 gas stations. Every other included county fluctuates within this range, each providing a unique set of opportunities and competitive scenarios for businesses looking to set foot or expand their presence in the petrol supply industry.

What’s crucial here is that these numbers reflect not just the number of potential competitors in each area, but also the size of the potential customer base with varying levels of competition and market saturation. Hence, companies must utilize these geospatial insights to make strategic site selection decisions and achieve operative success in Florida's diverse and lucrative fuel market.

Miami-Dade County

With a count of 1026, Miami maintains a robust infrastructure of gas stations. This indicates a well-established network catering to an enormous demand. As a hub of commerce and transport, Miami's generous supply of gas stations positions the city as both a significant player on the local scene and a key link in Florida's larger energy economy. This concentrated presence affords businesses an ideal environment for data-driven decision-making and geospatial insights for site selection, presenting numerous opportunities for growth and expansion.

Price Ranges of Gas Stations in Miami

Price Range Number of Gas Stations
No data 850
Moderately expensive 147
Inexpensive 29

If you're curious about the cost trends in Florida's gas station industry, our data compiled from various sources provides some enlightening discovery.

An overwhelming majority of gas stations in Florida, precisely 850, do not provide specific data on their pricing. That makes it quite challenging for potential competitors or businesses seeking collaboration opportunities to form a clear pricing strategy. Therefore, if you're planning to enter this market, it is advisable to conduct a detailed cost analysis before entering or positioning your prices.

For the stations that do provide information, most tend to lean towards moderate pricing. With 147 gas stations accounting for moderately expensive pricing, they form a substantial part of those who have declared their pricing. It is interesting to note that only a fraction of the gas stations, 29 to be exact, considers its prices as inexpensive.

Phone Numbers of Gas Stations in Miami

Status by Phone Numbers Number of Gas Stations
Have phone numbers 813
Not have phone numbers 213

With respect to the visibility and accessibility of gas stations in Florida, our data reveals that a solid majority of establishments, totaling 813, have publicised their contact numbers. It implies an openness to communicate with customers, providing instant help and directions whenever required. However, there's room for improvement as 213 gas stations are still operating without making their phone numbers available. This indicates a potential missed opportunity for engagement and communication, something that businesses might want to investigate and address to fully tap into the customer service potential.

Ratings Data of Gas Stations in Miami

Let's distill some key insights from the above table that showcases the correlation between ratings and the number of gas stations in Florida. It's clear that the highest number of  gas stations (284 in total) do not provide data on their ratings, implying most gas stations might not be prioritizing online visibility or care much about customers' reviews. This demonstrates a massive untouched potential for gas stations to improve their services and reputation by encouraging users to rate their services.

However, if we look at the gas stations that do have a rating, an intriguing pattern emerges. For stations with a 4-star rating, there are 77 gas stations, followed closely by those with a 4.1-star rating (74 stations) and 3.9-star rating (60 stations). This suggests that a majority of reviewed gas stations are providing a satisfactory service to their clientele as denoted by the favorable ratings.

Finally, it's worth noting that the number of gas stations seems to decrease as we move towards both ends of the rating spectrum. With fewer stations holding very high (5 stars) or very low (1 star) ratings, we can conclude that most gas stations in Florida are clustered around the 'good' rating zone (3.9 to 4.1 stars). Essentially, this data can guide businesses to strive for more excellent ratings, allowing them to better stand out in a largely 'good' rated industry.

Number of Reviews for Gas Stations in Miami

Examining the data provides interesting insights into the correlation between the number of reviews and the count of gas stations in Florida. We see that as the number of reviews increases, the number of gas stations tends to decrease. For example, gas stations with 1 review are in abundance, numbering 53, while stations with 5 reviews decrease to a count of just 25.

Moreover, a surprising anomaly occurs for gas stations that do not have any reviews. The count of such stations stands at 108, implying that there is a significant percentage of gas stations in Florida that has yet to receive feedback from customers. This may indicate either new establishments that are yet to get reviewed or stations that need to increase their customer engagement efforts to obtain reviews.

Interestingly, this trend does not follow a linear pattern. For instance, there are more gas stations with 3 reviews (26) than those with 2 (20). Similarly, gas stations with 10 reviews (19) outstrip those with lower counts of 7, 6, and 4 reviews. These instances suggest that getting customer reviews is not merely a matter of time in business but could be influenced by other factors such as the quality of service, location, and customer demographics among others.

Website Data of Miami's Gas Stations

However, the table also details the number of stations under various brands. Exxon commands a notable presence with 129 stations, followed closely by Shell with 101 stations. Chevron stations, split between their standard brand and Techron-focused sites, cumulate to 114 units which outperform individual brands but lag behind when segregated. Other contenders such as Valero, Sunoco, Marathon, and BP also make notable contributions to the market diversity.

Of equal importance is the prudence of each brand to establish and maintain an online presence, a necessity in today's digital age. The table shows that all brands have dedicated websites which serve as platforms for delivering critical information and facilitating customer engagement. For new entrants into the market, adopting such strategies and perhaps venturing into innovative digital avenues could provide a unique proposition to lure customers.

Broward County

With an impressive count of 715, Broward County holds a substantial percentage of Florida's 10,553 gas stations. As a business, it's crucial to recognize this concentrated presence, as it potentially reflects high vehicular traffic and emphasizes the need for strategic decision making in such a bustling market.

Price Ranges of Gas Stations in Broward County

Number of Reviews Number of Gas Stations
No Data 559
Moderately expensive 108
Inexpensive 47

Examining the data presented, there's a notable variation in the number of reviews against the quantity of gas stations in different price categories. Interestingly, a significant majority of 559 stations does not have review data available. When it comes to moderately expensive and inexpensive stations, the numbers stand at 108 and 47 respectively. This divergence might suggest several key insights.

The lack of review data for a large portion of gas stations could indicate a broad oversight in customer engagement or feedback systems. This could impair a business's capacity to make informed decisions and implement customer-centric improvements. On the other hand, the higher review numbers for moderately expensive and inexpensive stations implies that pricing could potentially influence customer engagement levels. Therefore, businesses might consider reviewing their pricing strategies while also developing robust feedback systems to garner more customer interaction.

Phone numbers of Gas Stations in Broward County

Out of the total 715 gas stations in Broward County, we were able to verify phone numbers for 631 locations. This robust database provides an effective way for businesses to directly communicate with these establishments, further driving decision-making processes.

Ratings data of Gas Stations in Broward County

Delving deep, some intriguing patterns about Florida's gas stations emerge. There’s a broad range of ratings for the gas stations, illustrating the diversity of service standards across the state. The majority of gas stations received a rating close to 4, indicating a generally robust service quality profile, with 53 stations rated at exactly 4.

However, the most common ratings for the gas stations were in the 4 - 4.2 range, with a total of 89 gas stations falling within this margin. This demonstrates that most gas stations are providing desirable services and maintaining a respectable reputation.

Additionally, we see that a sizeable portion of gas stations have ratings that fall just shy of the desirable range – in the 3.8 - 3.9 band. These present potential opportunities for improvements in service and strategic rise in reputation.

Interestingly, some outliers even fall within the 1 - 2 rating range, highlighting that there are still areas for enhancement within the Florida gas station industry. For any business planning to invest in Florida's gas stations, understanding and improving upon these low-rated stations could provide a unique niche with significant growth potential.

Number of reviews of Gas Stations in Broward County

Investigating the data reveals critical insights about the number of reviews corresponding to the number of gas stations in Florida. A sizable number of gas stations (63) reported having no review data available. This suggests the urgent need for these establishments to encourage patrons to leave their feedback and enhance their online presence. The fact that only a few stations have a high number of reviews draws attention to the competitive advantage available to stations that actively engage with their customers online and strive for positive user experiences.

It is worth noting that seven gas stations have managed to gather an impressive sixty reviews. As the review count drops, the number of gas stations increases. For instance, 35 gas stations managed to secure one review each, reflecting a trend towards less customer engagement as the quantity of stations increases. Hence, on a spectrum of reviews to the number of stations, there seems to be a negative correlation. In essence, fewer gas stations have been able to secure a high number of reviews, while a higher number of stations have less engagement.

Moreover, the fact that a significant number of stations (35 with one review, 24 with two reviews, and so on) have few reviews shows a high potential for improvement in customer engagement and satisfaction optimization. Hence, employing strategies to increase the number of reviews from customers should be seen as a high priority directive among gas station operators in Florida.

Hillsborough County

You'll be intrigued to find out that, while there are a total of 10,553 gas stations in the state of Florida, Hillsborough County is home to an impressive 691 establishments. It certainly indicates that this county holds a significant sector of the state's convenience market.

Price Ranges of Gas Stations in Hillsborough County

Price Ranges Number of Gas Stations
No data 466
Inexpensive 119
Moderately expensive 106

Focusing on the state of Florida, the data table provides a fascinating look into the pricing levels across a variety of gas stations. The largest segment of stations, understandably, do not disclose or categorize their prices in this data, with 466 stations falling into that 'No data' category. However, analysis of the stations that do reveal their price range is immensely informative for prospective business owners and stakeholders.

Interestingly, 'Inexpensive' stations outnumber their 'Moderately expensive' counterparts. With 119 inexpensive gas stations, they hold a significant influence in the Florida fuel market by catering to budget-conscious consumers.

Yet, the 'Moderately expensive' category shows a strong presence too with 106 stations, illustrating an active market for consumers willing to pay a premium for additional services or facilities. This positioned balance in the market highlights a diverse consumer base with varied fueling preferences and spending habits.

These insights can be invaluable for new entrants considering the pricing strategy for their gas station, as well as for existing stations analyzing their position against the competitive landscape.

Phone numbers of Gas Stations in Hillsborough County

Out of 691 gas stations operating in Hillsborough County, we found that 612 establishments have listed phone numbers available. This data can be crucial for businesses looking for direct communication or engagement with these gas stations.

Ratings data of Gas Stations in Hillsborough County

From the provided data, it's clear that there is a notable differential in the number of gas stations present across varying ratings. Interestingly, a sizeable portion of stations, specifically 292, are without any available rating data. Among rated stations, it appears that most fall into the 4.0 to 4.3 rating range, with a significant number of 45 gas stations boasting a rating of 4.0. While, exceptionally high ratings of 4.9 and 5.0 are scarce, seen in just 1 and 23 gas stations respectively. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the least represented rating is 1.8, with only one gas station operating at this level.

It's also noteworthy to observe that despite having several low-rated stations with ratings less than or equal to 2.5, the state of Florida does not have a significant number of gas stations in the extreme low rating range. In fact, only a few stations have ratings less than or equal to 2.1. This likely portrays a positive satisfaction level among customers across the vast majority of stations in the state.

Overall, this assorted distribution of ratings across the gas stations in Florida offers several insights that businesses can leverage for site selection, strategic planning, and data-driven decision-making processes.

Number of reviews of Gas Stations in Hillsborough County

The data in the table provides insightful information about the correlation between the number of reviews and the count of gas stations. A trend that emerges is that not all gas stations gather a lot of reviews. As a matter of fact, 67 gas stations lack any reviews, indicating either their recent emergence or lack of customer engagement.

Interestingly, the number of gas stations having received only one review stands at 23, suggesting that these establishments may need to motivate customers to share their experiences, thus increasing visibility and building trust among potential patrons.

Another point of note is that the number of reviews doesn't necessarily determine the frequency of gas stations. While gas stations with moderate review counts (between 10 to 30 reviews) are not that numerous, stations with fewer reviews seem to be more common, as seen in the 19 gas stations with 4 reviews and 18 with just 3 reviews.

By evaluating this data, businesses can identify areas where they need to focus on. They can strategize to enhance customer engagement, generate more reviews, develop brand visibility, and ultimately, improve business prospects.

Building a Winning Strategy: Best Practices for Leveraging Geospatial Insights in the Gas Station Industry

When you understand the landscape of gas stations in Florida, you can start to build a winning strategy. It's all about finding ways to break into the market, maintain your position, and ultimately, excel in this industry. After gathering and analysing all the geographical and statistical data, your next step is critical. Here are some best practices that your company should consider while leveraging geospatial insights:

Optimising Location Selection

The first and foremost aspect of your strategy should be to optimise your location selection. Consider not just the presence of other gas stations but also other contributing factors such as traffic volumes, nearby amenities, and local population size. Remember, it's not only about being present where your customers are but also where they're likely to be.

Understanding Customer Patterns

Utilising geospatial data can help you understand customer patterns. From this data, you can glean insights such as the busiest hours at the gas stations, peak months, and the kind of customers that visit your gas stations. This could provide clues for timing your promotional and marketing campaigns effectively.

Monopolising Routes

Gas stations are often used for their utilities on long routes, consider the major highways or busy city routes. Analyse these routes and look for gaps in the existing market that your business can fill for a competitive advantage. Also, consider looking for opportunities around popular tourist spots or business areas.

By leveraging geospatial insights, you can identify areas of growth and opportunity that could elevate your business within the gas station industry. These strategies are not just about being present in the market, but about cementing your brand, optimising your services, and striving for profitability.


Examining and comprehending the intricate geospatial characteristics and statistics of Florida's gas stations has the potential to unlock a multitude of opportunities for businesses. From refining site selection strategies to understanding consumer trends and monopolizing routes, the insights provided are nothing short of game changing. Making informed, data-driven decisions can thus lead to improved efficiency and increased profit margins.

How xMap Data Can Help

  • Geospatial Accuracy: Creating an accurate geospatial map of Florida's gas stations enables businesses to precisely identify under-serviced locations and potential hotspots.
  • Consumer Insight: Aggregated consumer ratings and reviews allow businesses to better understand consumer behavior and preferences, enabling targeted marketing strategies.
  • Competitive Analysis: Gain an edge with insights into the price ranges and phone numbers of competitors' gas stations, facilitating comparative analysis and strategy development.
  • Route Analysis: Route analytics can aid in identifying lucrative routes, optimizing supply chains, and improving service delivery.
  • Location Selection: Uncover targeted insights for optimal location selection based on comprehensive data, including demographics, economic aspects, competition data and more.

To obtain a free sample of our Florida's Gas Stations dataset, send us an email — sales@xMap.ai

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If you’d like to data samples for other countries like Egypt, USA, Switzerland, Japa, Turkey, UAE, and others, please visit our platform and sign up.

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