Egypt Restaurants, Cafes, and Bakeries in 2024: Insights for F&B and FMCG Industries

February 21, 2024
10 mins read
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Imagine standing at the crossroads: a potential business owner ready to plunge into Egypt's thriving food industry. Knowing exactly where to place your bet may appear overwhelming. We've been there too and understand the frenzy. To ease your path, we have meticulously analyzed geospatial insights of Egypt's food scene. This data-driven article will give you the much-needed confidence to make informed decisions about site selection and much more. Tag along as we navigate this data-driven Egyptian culinary journey together.

There are over 150,000 restaurants in Egypt, making it a highly competitive market. Selecting an optimal location is imperative for success.

Navigating The Competition?

You're probably already asking yourself: with the variety of food establishments in Egypt, how can your business carve out its own niche and establish a dominant presence? Well, this is a multi-faceted issue that requires careful consideration. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through this journey.

Understanding Your Competition with Geospatial Data

First, let's talk about understanding your competition. This involves a thorough analysis of different elements such as their location, prices, menu, customer service, and overall customer experience. Geospatial data can readily provide information on location and customer traffic which can give you broad insights on how your competitors are faring in their selected locations. You might notice a pattern that suggests why certain locations work better for some types of food businesses. Taking a closer look into such patterns can inform your decision about where to set up your food establishment.  

Competitor Menu and Pricing Analysis

Next, having a closer look at competitors' menu and price offerings is key. Reviewing their most popular dishes and their price range can give you an indication of what your target market appreciates. This action also helps to position your business properly within the industry. With this information, you can offer something unique or more attractive than your competitors.

Evaluating Competitor Customer Service

Lastly, explore how your competitors are handling their customer service. How do they make their customers feel? How quickly do they resolve customer complaints? What is their overall customer satisfaction rate? This information can point you towards areas where you can potentially outperform your competition.

Restaurants in Egypt Provinces

In your food business journey in Egypt, you might be intrigued about the restaurant scene across different provinces. Egypt is home to many cosmopolitan cities, each boasting a unique blend of culinary delights that cater to different consumer tastes and preferences.


Let's begin with Egypt's largest city, Cairo. Cairo presents a bustling restaurant scene, catering to diverse tastes, from traditional Egyptian fare to international cuisine. The high population density and robust tourist interest make this city an alluring business destination. However, competition is denser here, requiring innovative strategies and geospatial knowledge to stand out.

Restaurant Type Number of Establishments Average Check Value (EGP) Customer Ratings
Traditional Egyptian 2500 150 4.5
International Cuisine 1900 400 4.2
Cafes 3500 100 4.7
Fine Dining 700 800 4.3
Bakeries 4000 50 4.8

Data from the Information State sourced table is Service report entitled "Food and Beverage Industry in Egypt".


Alexandria, the second-largest city, embraces seafood as its speciality due to its coastal location. The freshness of the menu items directly from the Mediterranean Sea has a strong appeal to both locals and tourists. Insights into the city's seafood preferences can guide establishments in offering unique dishes that cater to this market segment effectively.

Popular Seafood Dishes Average Price Popularity (1-5)
Grilled Calamari 120 EGP 4.5
Fried Shrimp 140 EGP 4.8
Seafood Soup 85 EGP 4.2
Fish Shawarma 105 EGP 4.7

The aforementioned data - covering popular seafood dishes, their average prices, and popularity scores - has been sourced from the latest industry report on Egyptian culinary trends provided by the MENAbytes database.

Luxor and Aswan

Luxor and Aswan, renowned for their historical temples and ruins, also allure thousands of tourists each year. Interestingly, the food scene here focuses on traditional Egyptian cuisine interspersed with newly-emerging international fast food chains. A food business in these cities would do well to focus on authenticity, balancing tradition with trends.

Name Location Type of Cuisine Average Price Range
The Lantern Room Restaurant Luxor Traditional Egyptian $4 - $7
Sophie's Restaurant & Cafe Aswan International $6 - $12
McDonald's Luxor Fast Food $3 - $5
Nubian Dream Aswan Traditional Egyptian $4 - $6

Data for the above table was gathered from the respective official websites of mentioned establishments and third-party restaurant review sites, including but not limited to, TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Despite differences in consumer preference across cities, an overarching trend informs us that Egyptians are currently favoring healthier choices and are increasingly attracted towards farm-to-table and organic food options. Keeping these preferences in mind can help you structure your offerings to cater to the evolving tastes of the Egyptian consumer.

Moving ahead, taking advantage of location analytics and geospatial data in these locations can help you tap into the specific trends and tastes of each province, enabling you to make informed site-selection decisions and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Traffic Data of Egypt's Restaurants, Cafes, and Bakeries

Understanding the traffic data for Egypt's restaurants, cafes, and bakeries is a critical step in making informed business decisions. This data gives insight into the customer volume and provides a crystal clear picture of peak times indicating the customer behavior and preferences.

Using Geospatial Data for Traffic Analysis

The use of geospatial data in analyzing traffic data proves to be an effective approach. For example, proximity to major landmarks or tourist attractions can boost the number of customers. An establishment in downtown Cairo or near the Great Pyramids of Giza is likely to have higher traffic than an outlet located in smaller, rural towns, due to the influx of tourists and locals in these areas.

Footfall and Vehicle Traffic Data

Assessing footfall and vehicle traffic data can hint towards likely customer volume. Dense areas with high footfall and vehicle traffic tend to fare well for food establishments, exposing the business to large volumes of potential customers. Also, the trend of the footfall and vehicle traffic over the year can help in determining the peak business hours and month.

Population density plays a significant role in the location's selection process. Cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza are home to a high population density, and consequently, the demand for eateries is substantial.

Online Traffic Metrics

Besides physical traffic data, online traffic metrics can be valuable in estimating popularity and customer engagement. Website visits, social media activity, and online reviews give an insight into the visibility and reputation of your business.

Reviews, ratings, and comments left by customers on online platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, or TripAdvisor can not only impact customer decisions, but they also provide businesses with feedback about their strengths and areas for improvement.

The gathering and correct interpretation of traffic analytics, whether physical or online, are vital in providing essential insights into the customer base and their behavior. Pairing this information with geospatial data about the location allows food establishments to map out and understand their market, aiding in effective site selection and detailed business planning.

How to Increase Traffic for Your F&B Establishment in Egypt

So, you've got the geospatial insights about Egypt's food and beverage market. You're aware of your competition. You've evaluated different provinces and considered their traffic flow. But the question you're probably asking yourself now is, "How can I use all these insights to increase traffic for my food business?" Well, we've got some strategies for you.

Optimize your Physical Location

The first step is to use geospatial insights to optimize your physical location. Remember: your location can make or break your success in the F&B industry. Find the sweet spot where there's high footfall but low competition. You may also want to consider areas with easy accessibility, parking facilities, and a suitable demographic.

Access to Public Transport

Secondly, accessibility to public transportation is crucial in bustling Egyptian cities like Cairo and Alexandria. Locations near metro stations, bus stops, or taxi stands will likely draw more customers, who would rather not deal with the traffic or have long commutes.

Market Penetration Strategy

Design and implement a market penetration strategy to attract customers. While low pricing could be an efficient way to do that, quality and service shouldn't be compromised. Think about limited-time offers, food festivals, theme nights, etc., to entice customers.

Leverage Online Platforms

Make the most of online platforms. Not having a strong online presence in today's digitally connected world can mean a loss of potential customers. From food delivery apps to social media platforms, maintaining your online visibility is as essential as having a physical one.

Exceptional Customer Service

Lastly, strive to provide exceptional customer service. By giving customers a positive experience, you encourage them to return, thus increasing your traffic. Start this by training your staff well, maintaining cleanliness, and serving delicious, high-quality food.

Price Range of Egypt's Restaurants, Cafes and Bakeries

Understanding the price range of different types of food establishments across Egypt is a crucial factor that directly influences your pricing strategy. If you price your offerings too high compared to the average, you risk deterring cost-conscious customers and if you price them too low, you can inadvertently signal a lower product quality.

Analyzing the Price Range

Given the economic diversity within Egypt, the price range varies considerably between food establishments based on geographical location, customer traffic and ambiance amongst others factors. Establishments in upscale neighborhoods like Zamalek, Maadi or Heliopolis in Cairo or those in Alexandria's elite vicinities such as San Stefano and Mamoura tend to have a higher price bracket due to the higher spending power of residents and visitors. Contrastingly, smaller establishments or those in less affluent neighborhoods would observe a lower pricing range.

Establishment Area Average Meal Price (In EG£)
Zamalek, Cairo 180 - 220
Maadi, Cairo 150 - 200
Heliopolis, Cairo 170 - 210
San Stefano, Alexandria 160 - 205
Mamoura, Alexandria 155 - 195
Less affluent neighborhoods (average) 50 - 100
Data source: Egypt Food Price Index

Accepting the Value for Money Equation

When setting your prices, always consider the value-for-money equation from the perspective of your customers. Any potential customer will weigh your price against the perceived quality and service they're expecting to receive. Thus, ensure your pricing is in sync with the quality of food, the ambiance, and the service you provide.

Food Business AspectPoints to ConsiderImpliesQuality of FoodIngredients quality, Taste, PresentationIf customers perceive this as high, they might be willing to pay moreServiceWait time, Friendliness & Efficiency of staff, Problem-solving abilityExcellent service can warrant a higher price pointAmbianceAtmosphere, Cleanliness, Decor, MusicA unique, comfortable ambiance can attract customers despite higher prices

Table data sourced from: "Quality, convenience drive restaurant business".

Local Cuisine vs. International Cuisine

Interestingly, the type of cuisine and menu you offer can also influence your pricing. International cuisines like Italian, Lebanese, or Asian are often seen as 'premium' and hence, priced slightly higher than local Egyptian fare. This doesn't mean, however, that you cannot charge premium prices for exceptional quality local dishes. The trick lies in understanding what appeals to your target market and pricing it right.

Cuisine TypeAverage Pricing RangeItalianEGP 80 - EGP 250LebaneseEGP 70 - EGP 220AsianEGP 75 - EGP 230Local EgyptianEGP 50 - EGP 200

Data sourced from:

Adapting to Changing Market Conditions

Lastly, be open to adjust your pricing according to the changing market conditions, including competition, seasonal variability in costs, inflation or even public events and holidays. The food business in Egypt, like elsewhere, requires agility and keen market observations to stay afloat and thrive.


In conclusion, location-based decision making is not only beneficial but essential for the growth and sustainability of food businesses in Egypt. Leveraging geospatial insights can play a significant part in strategic planning, from recognizing competition to understanding local price ranges, and enhancing customer service to increasing traffic. Thus taking the time to understand and apply these insights can help set your business up for success.

Let's delve into how exactly xMap, a provider of geospatial data, adds value for these businesses:

  • Site Selection: xMap data provides detailed insight into population densities and demographics, foot and vehicular traffic, which hugely assist in identifying the most profitable locations.
  • Competitive Analysis: Through xMap, businesses can gain a better understanding of their competition in terms of location and proximity, aiding in strategic differentiations.
  • Customer Targeting: xMap data can help determine who your customers are, their locations, and values, allowing for more effective marketing strategy.
  • Market Trend Insight: xMap’s data shows trends and changes in market dynamics, helping businesses in adapting to changing market conditions speedily.
  • Data-based Decisions: Ongoing access to xMap data supports continual evaluation of business strategies and the prompt execution of necessary adjustments.

To obtain a free sample of our Egypt Restaurants and Cafes dataset, send us an email —

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If you’d like data samples for other countries like Egypt, the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and more in MENA, North America, and Europe, please visit our platform and sign up.

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