Saudi Arabia Healthcare POI Data - All You need to know

February 22, 0204
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In today's data-driven landscape, Point Of Interest (POI) data is emerging as a game-changer. Particularly for businesses and enterprises in Saudi Arabia, it holds immense potential in choosing key sites for health facilities and making informed decisions. Let's uncover how.

POI data provides essential intelligence about specific geographical locations. In the healthcare industry, it can help authorities derive insights about hospital locations, pharmacy chains, diagnostic centers, and more.

This guide aims to navigate you through the expansive terrains of POI data, articulating its role and utility in Saudi Arabia's healthcare scenario. It's about making strategic business decisions, bolstered with data. Get set to turn a new leaf in your decision-making process.

Navigating the competetion?

In today's fast-paced and dynamic business environment, it's crucial that enterprises remain agile and adaptable. This is especially true in the healthcare sector of Saudi Arabia, where competition can be intense, and the stakes are high. By effectively analyzing and utilizing POI (Point of Interest) data from healthcare facilities, organizations can ensure they are strategically positioned to not only navigate but also capitalize on competitive pressures.

Strategic Site Selection and Data-Driven Decisions

Selecting an appropriate site for new healthcare facilities or expansion of existing ones is a critical step. With detailed POI data, businesses can identify underserved locations, obtain insights into potential patient populations and better understand local urbanization trends. This allows organizations to make informed decisions based on data, not hunches.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

POI data can also serve as a valuable tool for trend analysis, helping your business to stay ahead of the curve. By tracking changes in data over time, you can identify and predict industry trends or shifts in demographics, ensuring your services remain competitive and relevant.

Formulating Superior Business Strategies

Ultimately, POI data of healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia can provide a solid foundation for astute business strategies. Whether it's understanding your competition, streamlining your operations, predicting trends, or improving service delivery, embracing data-driven intelligence can empower your business to excel.

Healthcare Facilities in Saudi Arabia Provinces

Each province in Saudi Arabia is distinct, housing a unique ecology of healthcare facilities. From large general hospitals to specialized clinics, research laboratories and public health centers, the healthcare facility mix across provinces varies significantly. For businesses eyeing opportunities in the healthcare sector, understanding this geographical and facility-specific diversity is critical.

Riyadh Province

Take Riyadh, the capital province, for example. It houses some of the biggest and most technologically advanced hospitals in the country, such as the King Fahd Medical City and the National Guard Health Affairs. This indicates a high demand for cutting-edge medical technologies, equipment, and specialized healthcare services.

Jizan Province

On the other side, the province of Jizan, located in the southern region of the country, hosts a myriad of primary healthcare centers and public hospitals due to its rural structure. The healthcare facilities in Jizan require robust supply chains for basic healthcare supplies, and there could be a strong market for services that address rural healthcare needs.

Makkah Province

Makkah Province, known for the holy city of Mecca, requires specialized healthcare facilities and services to cater to the annual influx of millions of pilgrims. Emergency medical services, preventive health services, and seasonal surge capacity are some attributes distinctive to this province’s healthcare facilities.

Traffic Data of Healthcare Facilities in Saudi Arabia

Grasping the traffic data surrounding healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia proves crucial for businesses and enterprises. This information not only influences site selection but also offers insights into consumer behavior and potential areas of growth.

Healthcare Facility Location Average Daily Traffic Peak Visitation Hours
Al-Iman Hospital Riyadh 3000 10 AM - 2 PM
KSAU Health Jizan 4500 1 PM - 3 PM
International Medical Center Jeddah 5000 9 AM - 12 PM
King Abdulaziz Hospital Makkah 7000 8 AM - 11 AM

The data is compiled from the report released by the "Saudi Ministry of Health". Please refer to the official website for further details.

The intricate patterns of movement in and around healthcare facilities can tell a comprehensive story about consumer habits, peak visitation periods, and the extensive reach of these facilities. Here's how traffic data augments your ability to make data-driven decisions.

Understanding Consumer Patterns

Assessing the models of incoming and outgoing traffic can give you a firm grasp of the healthcare facility's attractiveness and the demographic profile of the visitors. An overflow of traffic might suggest a well-regarded facility or a catchment area with potentially high demand for health services. Drawing such data into your decision-making process can inform where to focus your efforts.

Identifying Peak Visitations

Identifying when traffic surges towards healthcare facilities can be beneficial for strategic planning. Whether it's weekends, evenings, or specific holiday periods, understanding these patterns can help optimize resource allocation and strategize operational timings for maximum productivity.

Highlighting Facility Reach

The volume and origin of traffic converging on a healthcare facility can showcase the extent of its influence and reach. This data can highlight potential growth regions and assist in plotting future expansion or consolidation plans.

Role of POI Data in Saudi Arabia's Healthcare Facilities

The utility of Points of Interest (POI) data in Saudi Arabia's healthcare facilities cannot be overstated. It serves as a vital tool for businesses, especially those looking forward to establishing themselves in the healthcare sector. Whether you're contemplating where to set up a new medical facility, planning logistics for essential supplies, or striving to improve emergency response times, POI data is your ready assistant.

But how can you effectively leverage this treasure trove of information? Here's how.

Mapping Your Business Direction

POI data offers comprehensive insights on geographical locations and their attributes. This can help you analyze geographic-specific factors that influence healthcare-related decisions. Consider, for example, you're looking to establish a new pharmacy chain in Riyadh. With the proper use of POI data, you can identify popular residential locations, scheduled infrastructure developments, and existing competition - all key factors in site-selection decisions.

Optimizing Supply Logistics

Sufficient, timely supply is crucial in the medical sector. POI data can help businesses to optimize delivery routes, thereby ensuring that medical supplies reach their destinations on time. Using POI data, you can locate the fastest routes to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. This kind of planning doesn't just save time; it can also significantly reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint.

Enhancing Emergency Services

No discussion on healthcare can be complete without mention of emergency services. Here, too, POI data holds immense significance. Emergency medical services can use this data to identify the fastest routes to locations, thus helping save lives.


Understanding the distribution, capacity, and traffic of healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia can significantly aid businesses in making informed and strategic decisions. With the use of POI data, enterprises can optimize their operations and align their services strategically by analyzing trends, understanding consumer patterns, and leveraging connected intelligence. Doing so doesn't only assure business growth, but it also contributes positively to the overall improvement of the healthcare landscape in Saudi Arabia.

xMap Healthcare POI data can prove to be an indispensable tool for this exact reason. It provides comprehensive details about healthcare facilities across the country. This information can help businesses in identifying profitable site locations, optimizing supply logistics, and enhancing emergency services.

It can also empower them to map their business direction correctly, providing specifically tailored solutions based on the unique needs of different provinces. With a data-powered approach, businesses stand to make the most productive, efficient, and targeted decisions, inevitably leading to success in the competitive market.

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