Restaurants and Cafes in Pennsylvania, United States: Insights for F&B and FMCG Industries

May 6, 2024
12 mins read
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This article showcases the flourishing restaurant and cafe culture across Pennsylvania, delving into its varied culinary offerings. A detailed investigation uncovers significant data for the Food & Beverage (F&B) and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors, from the vibrant city vibe of Philadelphia to the scenic allure of Allegheny County. Decoding geospatial data assists us in examining the dispersion, traffic flow, pricing trends, and customer reviews of F&B businesses. Delving deeply into the data, this investigation highlights the vast number of dining choices and demonstrates ways to use geospatial intelligence to boost success in the food and beverage industry in Pennsylvania.

How many restaurants and cafes are in Pennsylvania, United States?

Pennsylvania, known as the Keystone State, has a vibrant culinary landscape with a wide variety of dining choices. Pennsylvania boasts 35,117 restaurants and cafes situated in various settings, ranging from busy cities to peaceful countryside, providing a wide array of culinary experiences to discover. This large number not only shows the state's lively food culture but also highlights its reputation as a food destination worth exploring for residents and tourists alike. Significantly, there are 905,000 restaurants and cafes in the United States

Distribution of Pennsylvania, United States Restaurants and Cafes by Counties


Number of F&B Establishments

Philadelphia County


Allegheny County


Montgomery County


Bucks County


Delaware County


Lancaster County


Chester County


Berks County


Luzerne County


York County


Westmoreland County


Lehigh County


Pennsylvania's culinary scene is as varied as its different counties, with each adding its own special taste to the state's food culture. Philadelphia County, with 4,593 restaurants and cafes, is at the forefront, with its lively city scene offering a variety of delicious foods. Close behind, Allegheny County has 3,615 dining establishments, contributing its unique flavors to Pennsylvania's culinary scene. In the meantime, Montgomery County boasts 2,261 restaurants and cafes, showcasing a vibrant culinary environment that reaches further than the state's main cities. These counties collectively showcase Pennsylvania's diverse culinary landscape, appealing to both residents and tourists to explore the state's food scene.

Decoding Geospatial Data for Pennsylvania, United States Restaurants and Cafes

Traffic Data

Traffic Label

Number of F&B Establishments

highly visited


above average visitation


average visitation


In Pennsylvania's dynamic dining scene, traffic data reveals key insights into establishment popularity. With 2,847 highly visited spots and 15,903 above-average visitation venues, the state offers a diverse culinary landscape. Additionally, 321 establishments maintain average visitation, catering to various dining preferences. Understanding these traffic patterns is essential for success in Pennsylvania's vibrant F&B industry.

Price Range

Price Range

Number of F&B Establishments

Very expensive




Moderately expensive




Pennsylvania's dining options span various price ranges, accommodating diverse budgets and preferences. With 43 establishments falling under the "very expensive" category and 261 considered "expensive," there are upscale choices available for those seeking a luxurious dining experience. Meanwhile, the majority of options are moderately priced, with 8,927 establishments offering a balance between quality and affordability. For budget-conscious diners, Pennsylvania also boasts 14,018 inexpensive dining spots, ensuring accessibility without compromising on flavor. This wide range of price options reflects the state's inclusive culinary landscape, welcoming diners from all walks of life.


Pennsylvania's dining scene boasts a diverse array of ratings, reflecting the varied experiences available to diners. At the top end, 1,217 establishments have garnered a perfect 5-star rating, indicating exceptional quality and service. Close behind are 816 venues rated at 4.5 stars, followed by 778 establishments at 4.7 stars and 760 at 4.6 stars, offering consistently high-quality experiences. Additionally, 693 dining spots maintain a rating of 4.8 stars, further solidifying Pennsylvania's reputation for excellence in cuisine. As ratings taper down, diners can still expect satisfactory experiences, with establishments ranging from 4.9 to 3.1 stars, ensuring a range of options to suit different preferences and tastes.

Number of Reviews

The trend diagram of restaurants and cafes in Pennsylvania illustrates varying levels of customer engagement, with a diverse distribution of reviews. At the forefront are establishments receiving a substantial number of reviews, with 693 businesses garnering a single review. The trend gradually tapers off as the review count increases, showcasing a range of dining experiences and preferences across the state. This comprehensive overview highlights the dynamic nature of Pennsylvania's culinary scene, offering something for every taste and palate.

Phone Numbers

Among Pennsylvania's F&B establishments, 32,339 provide a phone number for convenient access to patrons, ensuring seamless communication and customer service, while 2,778 opt not to display a phone number, potentially relying on alternative methods for customer interaction. This data underscores the significance of accessibility and communication in the hospitality industry, with the majority of establishments prioritizing direct contact with their clientele.

Popular Websites

Pennsylvania's F&B landscape presents a varied online presence, with 11,501 establishments opting not to have a website. However, those embracing digital platforms include Dominos with 241 establishments utilizing their website, followed by JFE Food (42), Fox's Pizza (34), Coen1923 (34), Hoss's (23), Ruby Tuesday (16), Rutter's (16), and God Andy (15). These online platforms showcase the diverse strategies adopted by businesses to enhance customer engagement and accessibility in the digital realm.

Leveraging Geospatial Intelligence for F&B Success in Pennsylvania, United States

Competitor Analysis

Geospatial intelligence allows businesses to analyze competitor locations and strengths, informing strategic decisions and differentiation strategies, including strategic location selection to mitigate competition.

Supply Chain Logistics Optimization

Examination of transportation routes, warehouse sites, and delivery networks enhances supply chain logistics, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products and improved operational effectiveness for F&B businesses in Pennsylvania.

Online Visibility Improvement

Evaluation of online platforms and websites enables businesses to enhance digital presence, optimize search engine visibility, and engage effectively with customers through targeted marketing strategies.

Strategic Location Selection

Geospatial intelligence plays a crucial role in determining ideal spots for new F&B venues by taking into account factors like population density, foot traffic, and nearness to services or rivals, guaranteeing good exposure and easy access to the desired customer base.

Adjusting to Changes in the Market

Geospatial intelligence provides instant understanding of changing market trends and consumer preferences, enabling companies in Pennsylvania to stay adaptable, modify their goods, and capitalize on fresh chances in the constantly evolving food and beverage sector.


Pennsylvania's food industry, with a total of 35,117 dining establishments, provides a wide range of flavors and experiences for diners. Geospatial intelligence enables F&B and FMCG companies to analyze distribution, traffic, pricing, and feedback data, providing them with valuable insights. This intelligence helps businesses in Pennsylvania's dynamic culinary landscape adapt to market trends and drive growth by utilizing strategies such as strategic location selection, supply chain optimization, competitor analysis, and online visibility enhancement.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in Pennsylvania, United States

  • User-Friendly Interface: xMap's intuitive interface simplifies navigation and enhances accessibility for Pennsylvania's F&B businesses, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy optimization.
  • Continuous Data Updates: xMap ensures Pennsylvania's F&B businesses have regularly updated data, enabling agile responses to market trends, consumer behavior, and competition for sustained growth.
  • Localized Marketing Campaigns: Harness xMap data for targeted marketing campaigns tailored to specific geographic areas, resonating with local audiences and enhancing customer engagement.
  • Real-Time Decision Making: Leverage real-time location information from xMap to make rapid and informed decisions, adapting strategies according to dynamic market conditions for sustained competitiveness.

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