United States Restaurants and Cafe's Landscape in 2023

August 26, 2023
3 min read
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60% of new restaurants close within the first year of operation, and around 80% do not make it past their fifth year. We discuss the market data in this article

60% of new restaurants close within the first year of operation, and around 80% do not make it past their fifth year. With that rapid change, tracking market dynamics has never been more important for food companies and suppliers to prioritize and plan their go to market strategy.

How Many Restaurants in the United States in 2023

There are 905,000 restaurants/ Cafe's in the U.S as of the 4th quarter of 2023. That's about 1 restaurant / face for every 365 people.

Restaurants database in the U.S

How Many Restaurants Per State in the United States

There are 50 states in the U.S., the distribution varies heavily with California having 101,595 Restaurant / Cafe or over 11% of the total market.

Texas on the other hand contain 102,984 restaurants which is close to California in numbers.

New York State has 57,528 restaurants / cafe establishment or 6% of the market.

Restaurants distribution per state
Restaurants Distribution per state

How Many Restaurants Without a website

A website is the digital cornerstone of a restaurant's success, with 70% of diners stating they're more likely to visit an eatery after exploring its website online.

616,451 restaurants out of 905,000 have a website or an online visibility page such as instagram of facebook.

💡68% of restaurants / Cafe's have online presence either as a website of social media profiles

Over 43,000 restaurants use facebook pages without having a website as their branding

Restaurants with a website

How Many Restaurants In  the United States Closed in 2023

47,489 Restaurants / Cafe's closed in the past two months alone, we labeled all those restaurants that closed including their location on the map.

💡5% of restaurants closed in July, Aug. 2023

Who is marketing online and where do they advertise?

Restaurants Advertising in 2023
💡27,751 restaurants / cafe's (2%) advertise on other websites or local news websites.

How to Use Data to Optimize Food and Beverage Distribution?

Here are our top pick from usecases prespective

Targeted Marketing

Access to restaurant POI data enables precise targeting for marketing campaigns, allowing companies to reach potential clients with tailored messages based on location and cuisine type.

Market Analysis

Analyzing restaurant locations and trends can provide insights into local food preferences, helping companies adapt their product offerings to meet specific regional demands.


Knowing where restaurants are concentrated allows companies to establish strategic partnerships with local eateries, such as co-branded promotions or supply agreements.

New Product Launches

POI data helps identify areas with a high density of restaurants, presenting opportunities to launch new products or flavors through collaboration or distribution agreements.

Competitive Insights

Understanding the distribution network of competitors' products can inform companies about market saturation and areas of potential growth.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Mapping restaurant locations aids in optimizing distribution routes, reducing delivery times, and ensuring fresher products reach consumers.

Market Expansion

By identifying underrepresented regions, companies can plan their market expansion efforts more effectively, targeting areas with untapped potential.

Local Trends

Access to restaurant data provides insights into local food trends, enabling companies to align their offerings with popular tastes in different areas.

Demand Forecasting

Studying restaurant density and growth patterns helps companies anticipate demand fluctuations and plan production and distribution accordingly.

Customer Engagement

Collaborating with restaurants based on POI data can lead to interactive marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and events that engage end consumers directly.

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