Restaurants and Cafes in South Carolina, United States: Everything You need to know

May 14, 2024
10 mins read
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Explore the wide range of dining choices available in South Carolina, a state known for its diverse flavors and food offerings. South Carolina provides a range of dining choices featuring local food, from quaint coastal towns to bustling urban regions. Studying spatial data enables us to understand how distribution, traffic patterns, price alterations, and consumer decisions impact the food and beverage industry. Join us on a gastronomic exploration in South Carolina, where we will gather insightful knowledge beneficial to food and beverage enterprises throughout the state.

How many restaurants and cafes are in South Carolina, United States?

South Carolina, located in the United States, boasts a strong dining culture, featuring 15,506 restaurants and cafes scattered throughout its varied terrain. From cozy coffee shops hidden in picturesque villages to busy eateries in lively urban areas, the state provides a wide range of dining choices to discover and savor. Whether you desire classic Southern dishes or dishes from around the world, South Carolina's dining spots have something for everyone, attracting food lovers from all over. Remarkably, There are 905,000 restaurants and cafes in the USA.

Distribution of South Carolina, United States Restaurants and Cafes by Counties


Number of F&B Establishments

Horry County


Charleston County


Greenville County


Richland County


Spartanburg County


Lexington County


Beaufort County


York County


Anderson County


Berkeley County


Florence County


Aiken County


Across the counties of South Carolina, there is a varied distribution of restaurants and cafes that showcases the state's diverse culinary scene. Horry County is in the top spot with 1,712 food and beverage establishments, providing a variety of dining choices along its beautiful coastline. Charleston County comes in second place with 1,697 businesses, well-known for its rich history and flourishing food scene. At the same time, Greenville County has 1,665 establishments that highlight the lively food options in this vibrant city. These statistics show the density of restaurants in important areas, all adding to the diverse food scene of South Carolina.

Decoding Geospatial Data for South Carolina, United States Restaurants and Cafes

Traffic Data

Traffic Label

Number of F&B Establishments

highly visited


above average visitation


average visitation


In South Carolina, the traffic data for food and beverage establishments provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and trends. With 2,452 establishments classified as highly visited, these hotspots attract a significant influx of diners seeking memorable culinary experiences. Additionally, 6,789 establishments enjoy above-average visitation, indicating a steady flow of patrons eager to sample the diverse offerings across the state. Even establishments categorized as having average visitation, numbering at 160, play a vital role in serving locals and visitors alike. This data underscores the importance of understanding traffic patterns to optimize business strategies and cater effectively to the dining needs of South Carolina's diverse population.

Price Range

Price Range

Number of F&B Establishments

Very expensive




Moderately expensive




In South Carolina's culinary landscape, a wide range of prices are offered to accommodate different preferences and financial circumstances. Among food and drink establishments, there are 22 classified as very expensive, serving those seeking upscale dining experiences. Simultaneously, 135 establishments are deemed expensive, providing top-notch cuisine at a premium price. Around 3,770 businesses are classified as moderately expensive, striking a balance between cost and value. Moreover, 6,110 dining establishments offer budget-friendly options for people to enjoy delicious meals. The diverse price options highlight the inclusive and diverse dining options in South Carolina, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences.


In the dining scene of South Carolina, ratings range from 1 to 5 for establishments. 707 top-rated establishments have received a perfect score of 5, offering outstanding dining experiences. Close behind are ratings of 4.5, 4.8, and 4.7, with 418, 407, and 403 reviews each, indicating excellent customer satisfaction. Between 398 and 208 establishments make up a considerable portion of the dining scene, with ratings falling between 4.6 and 4.2. Ratings lower than 4.1 add variety to the available choices, covering a range from 4.1 down to 1.

Number of Reviews

South Carolina's dining scene is not only influenced by ratings but also by customer feedback, as seen in the volume of reviews. The highest number of reviews, 339, corresponds to establishments with a single review, indicating a substantial presence of newer or less-reviewed places. As the number of reviews decreases, there is a gradual decline in frequency, with establishments receiving higher numbers of reviews becoming less common. Nevertheless, even establishments with higher review counts contribute to the diversity of South Carolina's dining scene, showcasing a range of experiences and perspectives from diners across the state.

Phone Numbers

In South Carolina's restaurant and cafe landscape, accessibility is key. Out of the establishments surveyed, 14,210 have provided phone numbers, ensuring ease of contact for reservations, inquiries, and customer service. However, 1,296 establishments are noted to lack a listed phone number, potentially posing a challenge for patrons seeking to communicate directly with these venues. This data underscores the importance of clear communication channels in facilitating customer engagement and satisfaction within the F&B industry.

Popular Websites

In South Carolina's dining landscape, establishments vary in their online presence. While a significant portion (3,924) lack a website, others utilize popular platforms like Domino's (117), Marco's (47), and Cookout (28) for online engagement. Noteworthy websites such as Hunt Brothers Pizza (23), Pilot Flying J (21), and Fatz (16) enhance accessibility and customer interaction. These findings underscore the diverse strategies employed by South Carolina's restaurants and cafes in navigating the digital landscape to better connect with patrons.


In conclusion, South Carolina's diverse culinary scene, from coastal towns to urban hubs, offers rich dining experiences. Geospatial data analysis provides vital insights for F&B businesses, aiding in location selection, online visibility, and supply chain optimization. Leveraging geospatial technology ensures operational efficiency and adaptability to market trends, enhancing competitiveness. Embracing these opportunities fosters innovation and growth, creating memorable dining experiences that enrich communities statewide.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in South Carolina, United States

  • Continuous Data Updates: xMap provides regularly updated data for South Carolina, enabling agile responses to market trends, consumer behavior, and competition, ensuring sustained growth.
  • Real-Time Decision Making: Leveraging xMap's current location data aids swift, informed decisions for F&B businesses in South Carolina, maintaining competitiveness in the dynamic industry.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: xMap helps optimize supply chains for South Carolina's F&B businesses, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.
  • Menu Innovation: xMap data informs menu innovation for F&B businesses in South Carolina, aligning offerings with changing consumer tastes for continued appeal.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: xMap can aid F&B businesses in South Carolina in ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations by mapping the locations of health inspection facilities, emergency services, and relevant regulatory agencies.

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