How Many Restaurants and Cafes are in Miami?

November 13, 2023
6 mins read
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We understand why you’ll want to dig into Miami’s restaurant and cafe data!

It’s a vibrant scene for F&B businesses: sun-soaked beaches, palm-lined streets, turquoise waters, and breathtaking architecture.

From world-class nightlife in South Beach to street food to high-end restaurants, the city offers a compelling array of flavors. It's a haven for F&B businesses to flourish with the right strategy powered by data.

Photograph: Casa Tua by Shawn O’Connor

Market Overview

Miami's F&B and FMCG businesses are on the move in 2023! As your go-to location intelligence platform, we're here to dish out recent insights for your data-driven decisions and risk-free strategies in this market.

Guess what? Miami has over 8,720 restaurants and cafes. Each point on the map below from our platform represents a restaurant or cafe in Miami.

To explore this dataset with the list of restaurants and cafes in Miami with addresses, phone numbers, geocoded addresses, price details, traffic data, and other key details, sign up to our platform and get it for free. Start here!

Traffic Data of Restaurants and Cafes

Traffic data is like a popularity meter for restaurants and cafes in Miami.

How do we get this data? we aggregate data from various phone sensors to create an index that reflects the vibrancy and activity levels of each establishment when compared to others across different regions. It's like finding the heartbeat of restaurants and cafes in Miami!

Let’s dive into key insights we extracted from our platform:

There are over 8,720 restaurants and cafes in Miami with Dine-in, Drive-through, Kerbside pickup, and no-contact delivery services. Just 10% of these restaurants and cafe are have high traffic and are highly visited.

Majority of the restaurants and cafes in Miami have above average visitation— we are talking 40.5% of the population of restaurants and cafes. 2,856 of these restaurants have websites and are discoverable online.

Just 1.5% of the total restaurant population have average visitation. This tells you that Miami indeed has a vibrant F&B market— tourism plays an important role in this.

How to Increase Traffic for Your Restaurant or Cafe

  1. Do business with POI data: By analyzing points of interest data (POI), you can strategically position your restaurant or cafe in high-traffic zones, drawing in customers based on analyzed preferences. Identify popular spots and tailor your menu to match local preferences.
  2. Strategic timing through location intelligence: Utilize location intelligence to understand the ebb and flow of activity in Miami. Analyze real-time data to pinpoint peak hours and hotspot locations—it maximizes foot traffic. This kind of data is available on our platform as ‘day traffic trends’ and ‘weekly meal trends’
  3. Effective marketing strategies: Enhance visibility by forming local partnerships and teaming up with influencers or neighboring businesses. Focus on targeted digital marketing and tapping into food delivery platforms to expand your reach.

Restaurants and Cafes Reviews

7,851 of these restaurants received reviews from customers. You can see that customer success is a priority for  restaurants in Miami. The highest amount of reviews a restaurant in Miami has gotten is 25,741!

There are 11 restaurants out of 8,720 with reviews above 10,000. Restaurants around the outskirts of Miami have the largest number of reviews! Watch as the saturation of reviews reduces in this video from our platform.

Overcoming Location Challenges in Restaurant Expansion

For restaurant and cafe businesses in Miami eyeing expansion in the F&B sector, understanding the local landscape is paramount. However, traditional data sources often fall short of providing comprehensive insights.

Location intelligence platforms like xMap solves this problem. With a vast range of data sets from multiple industries, businesses are empowered to view, analyze, and make data-based decisions, overcoming the challenges of location blind spots.

Location intelligence aids in optimizing logistical aspects of expansion. Analyze traffic patterns, accessibility, and demographics to streamline delivery routes, enhance supply chain management, and make informed decisions that contribute to the overall operational efficiency of your expanded restaurant ventures.

Using Data for Strategic Growth

One common challenge businesses encounter when dealing with data is the potential overload, where the sheer volume of information becomes overwhelming. This overload can hinder the extraction of meaningful insights for strategic growth.

To manage this challenge effectively, businesses can implement smart data management practices. By employing advanced analytics tools and technologies, they can filter through the data noise, focus on relevant metrics, and derive actionable insights. This approach not only streamlines decision-making processes but also ensures that the data is a valuable asset in guiding strategic growth initiatives.

xMap platform is a valuable tool for aggregating large volumes of raw data into concise insights for empowering strategic business growth.

Case Study

How can you use location intelligence to enable strategic growth for your business? Let’s show you how

Lavazza, the renowned Italian coffee brand, sought to expand its footprint in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Morocco. Collaborating with xMap, a leading location intelligence SaaS platform, Lavazza aimed to address challenges such as inadequate market insights in diverse regions, the time-intensive nature of manual research, and the need for accurate lead identification. Navigating these obstacles was crucial for refining their market entry strategy and ensuring a seamless expansion into new territories.

What solution did xMap offer? Utilizing spatial analysis for better results

  • Diverse Industry Insights: Lavazza utilized xMap's broad range of datasets to access comprehensive trends and industry-specific insights in their target countries.
  • Visualizing Market Dynamics: Leveraging interactive map views provided by xMap, Lavazza gained a spatial understanding of market dynamics, enhancing their decision-making process.
  • Refined Market Entry Strategy: With analytical capabilities, Lavazza effectively segmented and analyzed the data, pinpointing key market segments and fine-tuning their market entry strategy.

You can do the same for your business with xMap's location intelligence. Follow us for regular updates on industry insights, success stories, and tips for leveraging location data.

Sign up to our platform to unlock the full potential of your business expansion and explore data samples for other countries like Egypt, USA, Switzerland, Japa, Turkey, UAE, and others.

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