Restaurants and Cafes in New York, United States: Everything You need to know

May 1, 2024
12 mins read
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Explore New York's vibrant culinary scene with our extensive directory of dining establishments and coffee shops. With over 51,000 F&B establishments scattered throughout the city's varied counties, each area from the lively streets of Kings County to the busy boroughs of Queens and the iconic neighborhoods of Manhattan brings its own distinct taste to the table. We carefully analyze information on how food is spread, how many people visit, the prices, ratings, reviews, and online visibility to uncover the reasons for these restaurants' success. Come with us on a captivating exploration of the New York City streets, where we will discover the details and liveliness of its food scene, offering valuable knowledge for both food enthusiasts and professionals in the industry.

How many restaurants and cafes are in New York, United States?

New York, USA boasts an impressive food culture, with 51,082 restaurants and cafes spread across vibrant neighborhoods. This abundant quantity showcases the diverse culinary offerings found throughout the city, ranging from popular eateries in Manhattan to hidden gems nestled in the outer boroughs. Numerous dining options are accessible, including savoring a slice of New York-style pizza, relishing a gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or having a casual brunch at a local cafe, catering to various preferences. New York is a popular destination for those who enjoy food and like to explore different culinary choices because of its extensive variety of dining establishments. Remarkably, there are 905,000 restaurants and cafes in the USA.

Distribution of New York, United States Restaurants and Cafes by Counties


Number of F&B Establishments

Kings County


Queens County


Suffolk County


Nassau County


New York County


Westchester County


Erie County


Bronx County


Monroe County


Orange County


Onondaga County


Richmond County


In New York, USA, the distribution of restaurants and cafes like restaurants and cafes differs among its counties, all adding to the diverse food scene of the city. Kings County, where Brooklyn is located, has the highest number of food and beverage establishments at 4,961, showcasing the borough's lively and varied food scene. Queens County comes right after, with 4,921 restaurants highlighting the borough's diverse culinary history shaped by its various immigrant groups. Suffolk County on Long Island has a large dining scene, featuring 4,446 F&B establishments that serve a variety of coastal cuisine, farm-to-table dishes, and international flavors. These counties provide a small look at the varied food scene of New York, where each borough and region contributes its own distinct taste to the city's culinary mix.

Decoding Geospatial Data for New York, United States Restaurants and Cafes

Traffic Data

Traffic Label

Number of F&B Establishments

highly visited


above average visitation


average visitation


In analyzing traffic data, it becomes evident that certain establishments in New York, United States, draw varying levels of attention from diners. A significant portion, comprising 4,825 establishments, are classified as highly visited, indicating their popularity among locals and tourists alike. Furthermore, a substantial number of 21,594 F&B establishments receive above-average visitation, highlighting their consistent appeal to patrons. However, a smaller subset of 563 establishments falls under the category of average visitation, suggesting moderate traffic flow. This data underscores the dynamic nature of New York's dining scene, where establishments cater to a diverse range of preferences and experiences, from bustling hotspots to hidden gems awaiting discovery.

Price Range

Price Range

Number of F&B Establishments

Very expensive




Moderately expensive




The examination of price ranges in the dining landscape of New York reveals a wide range of affordability choices that cater to different budgets and preferences. Out of the 51,082 restaurants and cafes, the majority offer moderately expensive options (15,430), while 135 provide a very expensive dining experience and 723 are categorized as expensive. Moreover, a large amount of 16,736 establishments offer affordable dining options, making sure that budget-friendly diners can access quality food without spending too much. The range of prices in New York's culinary scene highlights how it caters to various preferences and budgets.


When analyzing the reviews of eateries in New York, different ratings are discovered, showcasing the wide range of experiences and viewpoints of customers. The majority of companies often fall within the range of 4.0 to 4.9 ratings, with a considerable amount receiving either a score of 5 (1,893 businesses) or 4.5 (1,158 businesses). Additionally, businesses with scores of 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8 are similarly popular, with 1,147, 1,116, and 1,020 businesses, respectively. Ratings typically range from 4.0 to 4.4, indicating the city consistently provides excellent dining choices. Moreover, even though there are fewer venues with ratings under 3.0, these places still provide valuable information about the wide range of dining choices in the city, motivating people to try new food spots and find their preferred culinary destinations in the lively food scene of the area.

Number of Reviews

The number of reviews provides insights into the engagement levels of dining establishments in Florida. The trend diagram illustrates a peak in establishments receiving one review (965), gradually declining as the number of reviews increases. Moderate numbers of reviews are common, with establishments receiving two, three, or four reviews also being well-represented. As the number of reviews increases, the frequency decreases, indicating diminishing levels of engagement. However, even establishments with fewer reviews contribute to Florida's diverse dining landscape, offering a range of experiences for patrons.

Phone Numbers

In Florida's dining landscape, a vast majority of establishments, totaling 46,901, provide their phone numbers for patrons to contact them. However, a notable subset of 4,181 establishments do not list a phone number, potentially indicating a preference for online or walk-in reservations or a focus on digital ordering and delivery services. This distribution underscores the varying approaches establishments take to communicate with their customers and highlights the importance of accessibility and convenience in today's dining experience.

Popular Websites

In Florida's dining scene, establishments vary in their online presence, with a significant portion of 18,564 having no website listed. However, several establishments leverage online platforms to connect with patrons, with popular websites including dominos (167), fastraccafe (33), jfefood (26), eattexs (25), and tacobell (21), among others. These establishments recognize the importance of digital accessibility and utilize websites to offer menus, online ordering, and other services, enhancing convenience for customers. This diverse range of online engagement reflects the evolving landscape of dining experiences in Florida, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

Leveraging Geospatial Intelligence for F&B Success in New York, United States

Adjusting to changes in the market

Geospatial intelligence provides instant understanding of changing market trends and consumer preferences. Companies in New York can make use of this information to stay adaptable, modify their goods, and capitalize on fresh chances in the constantly evolving food and beverage sector.

Competitor Analysis

Geospatial intelligence enables businesses to analyze the locations and strengths of competitors, informing strategic decisions and differentiation strategies, including strategic location selection to mitigate competition.

Enhancing Pricing Strategies

Analyzing price ranges in various New York regions using geospatial data assists F&B businesses in comprehending local market dynamics and consumer spending behaviors. Equipped with this information, companies can modify pricing tactics to stay competitive and increase profits.

Strategic Location Selection

Geospatial intelligence helps identify the best locations for new F&B establishments by considering factors such as population density, pedestrian traffic flow, and proximity to amenities or competitors, ensuring visibility and accessibility to the intended customer demographic.


In conclusion, our exploration of New York's vibrant food scene unveils its diverse culinary landscape. From Kings County to Queens and Manhattan, each area adds its own unique flavor. Through detailed analysis, we've uncovered insights into distribution, traffic, prices, ratings, and online presence, showcasing the factors driving success. New York serves as a worldwide food center with more than 51,000 establishments offering a variety of options for different preferences and budgets. By using geospatial intelligence, businesses can make informed decisions on competitor analysis, pricing, location selection, and market adaptation, ultimately ensuring ongoing success. Whether a local foodie or a visitor, our guide enriches your dining experience in New York, USA.

Why xMap for F&B Businesses in New York, United States?

  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Analyze xMap data to improve customer experiences by identifying areas for enhancement and implementing targeted initiatives.
  • Strategic Site Selection: Make use of xMap's in-depth information on population densities, demographics, and traffic patterns to guide strategic decisions on site selection. Businesses can increase their success and profitability by choosing the best locations with high demand and minimal competition.
  • Price Optimization: Analyze price ranges across areas to set competitive prices, attracting more customers while ensuring profitability.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Analyze xMap data to identify areas for improvement, tailoring initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement, ultimately fostering loyalty and positive brand experiences.

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