Restaurants and Cafes in Missouri, United States: Insights for F&B and FMCG Industries

May 20, 2024
10 mins read
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Explore Missouri's culinary diversity by delving into its many restaurants and cafes on a flavorful journey. This article provides in-depth information important for both F&B and FMCG sectors, including county distribution, spatial traffic analysis, pricing trends, customer feedback, contact details, and top online platforms. From the busy cities to the peaceful rural areas, Missouri offers a variety of dining experiences ready to be explored. Utilizing geospatial intelligence empowers businesses to discover untapped opportunities and succeed in the competitive environment of a vibrant culinary hotspot in America. 

How many restaurants and cafes are in Missouri, United States?

Located in the center of the United States, Missouri is home to a large culinary scene with a grand total of 16,486 restaurants and cafes to choose from. This illustration highlights the successful food and beverage industry in the state, showcasing a variety of dining choices to suit different tastes and preferences. Missouri provides a diverse culinary experience ranging from hidden cafes in rural areas to busy eateries in city centers, filled with delicious flavors. The numerous dining establishments are proof of the state's lively culinary scene and its importance as a culinary destination in the United States. Significantly, there are 905,000 restaurants and cafes in the United States

Distribution of Missouri, United States Restaurants and Cafes by Counties


Number of F&B Establishments

St. Louis County


Jackson County


St. Louis city


St. Charles County


Greene County


Clay County


Boone County


Jefferson County


Jasper County


Taney County


Cape Girardeau County


Platte County


A diverse range of restaurants and cafes throughout Missouri, U.S., highlights the varying terrain of its counties. St. Louis County has the highest number of food and beverage establishments at 2,473, with Jackson County coming in second at 1,892. Simultaneously, St. Louis City boasts a remarkable 1,198 dining establishments, contributing to the diverse selection of food choices in the region. This data shows the cluster of dining choices in main urban locations, showcasing the lively food scenes found in cities such as St. Louis. Every county in Missouri provides a diverse selection of food options, solidifying its status as a popular spot for food lovers, with an abundance of flavors and culinary experiences to discover.

Decoding Geospatial Data for Missouri, United States Restaurants and Cafes

Traffic Data

Traffic Label

Number of F&B Establishments

highly visited


above average visitation


average visitation


In Missouri, the traffic data for food and beverage establishments reveals distinct patterns in visitation levels. Notably, 1,524 establishments are classified as highly visited, indicating a significant influx of patrons. Additionally, a substantial number of 5,937 establishments receive above-average visitation, underscoring the popularity of dining options across the state. Meanwhile, 143 establishments maintain an average level of visitation. These insights into traffic patterns offer valuable information for businesses seeking to understand consumer behavior and strategically position themselves within Missouri's dynamic F&B landscape.

Price Range

Price Range

Number of F&B Establishments

Very expensive




Moderately expensive




In Missouri, dining options span a spectrum of affordability, accommodating various budgetary preferences. A select few, numbering 20, offer a highly exclusive and luxurious dining experience, categorized as very expensive. Slightly more accessible yet still upscale are 123 establishments classified as expensive. The bulk of dining venues, totaling 4,045, fall within the moderately expensive category, striking a balance between quality and affordability. However, the majority of options, numbering 6,760, cater to budget-conscious consumers, offering inexpensive yet satisfying culinary experiences. This diverse price range ensures that Missouri's vibrant food scene remains inclusive and accessible to all.


The ratings of food and beverage establishments in Missouri reflect a diverse spectrum of customer satisfaction levels. Leading the pack are 710 establishments boasting a perfect rating of 5, indicating exceptional dining experiences. Following closely behind are 392 establishments rated 4.8, along with 390 establishments earning a commendable 4.7 rating. Across the board, establishments maintain high ratings, with significant numbers falling within the 4.6 to 4.4 range, indicating consistently positive customer feedback. While a minority of establishments receive lower ratings, their numbers are comparatively small, underscoring the overall quality and satisfaction prevalent within Missouri's dining scene.

Number of Reviews

The trend diagram for restaurants and cafes in Missouri reveals insightful patterns in customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Initially, a significant number of establishments received fewer reviews, notably 389 with one review and 247 with two reviews. As review counts increase, frequency gradually declines, yet a steady distribution persists across various counts. Notably, even establishments with higher review counts, like those with 10 or more reviews, contribute to the trend, showcasing sustained interest and participation from patrons. This underscores the vital role of customer feedback in shaping the reputation and success of dining venues across Missouri.

Phone Numbers

Among restaurants and cafes in Missouri, a significant majority, totaling 15,105 establishments, provide contact details with phone numbers, ensuring accessibility for patrons. However, there are also 1,381 establishments that do not offer phone numbers, suggesting alternative methods of contact or possibly reflecting different business models. This data highlights the importance of communication channels in the dining experience, emphasizing the convenience and accessibility provided by establishments that offer phone contact.

Popular Websites

In the landscape of popular websites linked to restaurants and cafes in Missouri, a substantial portion, totaling 6,985 establishments, notably lack a dedicated website. However, there are notable exceptions, with some establishments having an online presence. Among these, dominos, scooterscoffee, and huntbrotherspizza stand out with 108, 59, and 46 establishments respectively. Additionally, hy-vee, champschicken, and imospizza each have a notable presence, with 30, 24, and 22 establishments respectively. Other websites like ontherunstl, pilotflyingj, eaglestopstores, godfathers, simplesimonspizza, and whitecastle are also represented, albeit to a lesser extent. This data underscores the varied approaches to online presence within Missouri's culinary landscape, reflecting the evolving nature of digital marketing and consumer engagement strategies within the food and beverage industry.


In conclusion, Missouri's food offerings range from city restaurants to country diners, providing a variety of dining experiences. This article contains important information for the F&B and FMCG sectors, covering county distribution, traffic analysis, pricing trends, customer feedback, contact information, and online channels. Utilizing geospatial intelligence allows companies to succeed in Missouri's competitive food industry. Businesses can strategically choose their location and enhance online visibility to overcome obstacles and capitalize on opportunities. Utilizing geospatial insights will fuel growth and innovation in Missouri's culinary scene as it remains a hotspot in the F&B industry. Come with us as we explore Missouri's ever-changing food landscape, where diverse flavors and culinary trends come together to offer memorable experiences.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in Missouri, United States

  • Expansion Planning: Use xMap insights to identify strategic locations for Missouri expansion, guiding informed decisions on new site selection and market entry strategies.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: xMap helps optimize supply chains for Missouri's F&B businesses, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.
  • Continuous Data Updates: xMap provides regularly updated data, enabling agile responses to market trends, consumer behavior, and competition, ensuring sustained growth.
  • User-Friendly Interface: xMap simplifies navigation for Missouri's F&B businesses with intuitive tools, aiding quick interpretation of geospatial data for informed decision-making.

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