Restaurants and Cafes in Connecticut, United States: All You need to know

May 18, 2024
8 mins read
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Embark on a culinary exploration of Connecticut's diverse landscape, where a myriad of restaurants and cafes beckon with their unique flavors. From Fairfield County's bustling streets to Windham County's tranquil corners, this guide deciphers geospatial data to unveil distribution, popularity, pricing, and customer feedback. Whether craving artisanal pizza or gourmet coffee, Connecticut offers options for every palate. 

How many restaurants and cafes are in Connecticut, United States?

Connecticut, nestled in the northeastern United States, boasts a thriving culinary scene with a staggering array of restaurants and cafes. With a total count of 10,758 establishments spread across its counties, the state offers a rich tapestry of dining options to residents and visitors alike. From cozy cafes serving artisanal coffee to upscale restaurants dishing out gourmet delights, Connecticut's culinary landscape is as diverse as it is enticing. Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Fairfield County or the serene corners of Litchfield County, there's no shortage of culinary treasures waiting to be discovered in the Constitution State. It is worth noting that there are 905,000 restaurants and cafes in the USA.

Distribution of Connecticut, United States Restaurants and Cafes by Counties


Number of F&B Establishments

Fairfield County


New Haven County


Hartford County


New London County


Litchfield County


Middlesex County


Windham County


Tolland County


Fairfield County is at the forefront with 2,922 establishments providing a range of dining choices, from high-end restaurants to comfortable cafes, serving the preferences of city and suburban dwellers. New Haven County, ranking second, boasts a total of 2,622 restaurants and is centered around the lively city of New Haven, famous for its diverse dining options and iconic pizza spots. In Hartford County, there are 2,561 establishments offering both traditional and modern dishes with a beautiful backdrop, improving the area's culinary charm. These counties unite to create a lively representation of Connecticut's food culture, showcasing the state's varied culinary past and innovative spirit.

Decoding Geospatial Data for Connecticut, United States Restaurants and Cafes

Traffic Data

Traffic Label

Number of F&B Establishments

highly visited


above average visitation


average visitation


In analyzing traffic data for food and beverage establishments, it's evident that visitation levels vary significantly. Leading the pack are 811 "highly visited" establishments, indicating significant foot traffic likely driven by factors such as location or reputation. Following closely are 4502 establishments experiencing "above average visitation," showcasing their popularity among diners. Even within the "average visitation" category, comprising 116 establishments, there's a notable presence, highlighting the diverse range of options available to patrons. This data underscores the dynamic nature of the food and beverage industry, where establishments cater to varying levels of demand and popularity.

Price Range

Price Range

Number of F&B Establishments

Very expensive




Moderately expensive




Examining the variety of price ranges in food and beverage establishments uncovers a wide range of choices for various financial situations. A total of 14 establishments are considered "very expensive," with 153 labeled as "expensive," and the majority of 3487 fall into the "moderately expensive" category. Furthermore, there are 3625 establishments classified as "inexpensive," providing inexpensive dining options. This variety highlights the industry's openness to all, serving a diverse range of customers with different financial limitations while ensuring excellence and a variety of choices.


The distribution of ratings among food and beverage establishments showcases varying levels of customer satisfaction. At the top end, there are 392 establishments rated 5 stars, indicating exceptional quality and service. Following closely are establishments with ratings of 4.6 (242), 4.7 (228), and 4.5 (222) stars, reflecting consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. The ratings gradually decrease, with fewer establishments receiving lower scores. This data illustrates the importance of maintaining high-quality standards to meet customer expectations and drive positive ratings and reviews.

Number of Reviews

The Trend Diagram of Restaurants and Cafes in Connecticut, based on the number of reviews, illustrates varying levels of patron engagement. The data shows a peak at 1 review (181 establishments), followed by decreasing frequencies as the number of reviews increases. There's a notable cluster around 2 to 5 reviews, suggesting moderate feedback for a significant number of establishments. Beyond this range, the distribution becomes more scattered, indicating diverse levels of engagement across different venues. This data underscores the importance of customer feedback in assessing the performance and popularity of restaurants and cafes in Connecticut.

Phone Numbers

Among the restaurants and cafes in Connecticut, 10,070 establishments have provided their phone numbers, facilitating easy communication with patrons. However, 688 establishments have chosen not to disclose their phone numbers. This disparity suggests varying approaches to customer accessibility and communication within the industry, with some establishments prioritizing direct contact with their clientele while others may prefer alternative means of interaction or prioritize privacy.

Popular Websites

Among Connecticut's restaurants and cafes, 3853 establishments lack a website, possibly indicating a reliance on other forms of communication or a limited online presence. However, a few notable establishments have provided website links: Dominos with 46 listings, Big Y with 11, and Square Peg Pizzeria, Pokemoto, Duchess Restaurants, Nardelli's, Sbarro, Baker's Dozen, Pepe's Pizza, Bento Sushi, People's Choice Pizza, G Cafe Bakery, and Roosters Chicken and Waffles each with smaller numbers of listings. These websites offer patrons valuable information such as menus, locations, and online ordering options, enhancing accessibility and convenience.


In conclusion, Connecticut's culinary scene, with 10,758 establishments statewide, offers a diverse array of dining experiences. Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford Counties stand out as culinary hubs, each boasting thousands of food and beverage options. Geospatial data analysis provides valuable insights into distribution, popularity, pricing, and feedback, guiding industry professionals and food enthusiasts alike. Whether seeking upscale dining or budget-friendly fare, Connecticut promises something for everyone. As the industry evolves, leveraging geospatial intelligence will continue to shape success, ensuring establishments remain innovative and excellent. Whether a local foodie or curious traveler, let Connecticut's culinary diversity be your guide to gastronomic delights.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in Connecticut, United States

  • Event Planning: Plan promotional events and collaborations by leveraging xMap to identify high-traffic areas and potential partner businesses within Connecticut, maximizing exposure and customer engagement.
  • Customer Segmentation: Utilize xMap data to segment Connecticut's customer base, enabling businesses to customize marketing strategies and offers for various demographics, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Delivery Optimization: Optimize delivery routes and logistics using xMap's geospatial data, minimizing delivery times and costs for Connecticut's F&B businesses offering delivery services.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Monitor competitor activity and market trends using xMap's geospatial data, enabling Connecticut's F&B businesses to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing dynamics.

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