How Many McDonald's Restaurants Are in the United States in 2024? A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

June 10, 2024
8 mins read
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From the bustling streets of California to the heartlands of Texas, this guide delves into the distribution, geospatial insights, and consumer dynamics of McDonald's establishments, providing invaluable intelligence for F&B success in the United States. Join us as we decode the data, uncover the trends, and leverage geospatial intelligence to uncover the secrets behind the Golden Arches' enduring dominance.

How many McDonald's restaurants are in the United States?

In the expansive expanse of the United States, the golden arches of McDonald's stand as ubiquitous landmarks, with a staggering 13544 restaurants spread across the nation. From bustling metropolises to quaint small towns, McDonald's has woven itself into the fabric of American culture, offering its signature fare to millions of hungry patrons every day. This vast network of restaurants serves as a testament to the enduring popularity and widespread reach of the iconic fast-food chain, making it a cornerstone of the American dining landscape.

Distribution of McDonald's restaurants in United States by States


Number of Establishments











New York






North Carolina










McDonald's restaurants are strategically located throughout the diverse United States landscape, serving appetites from coast to coast. Here is a detailed summary of the distribution of McDonald's across different states:

  • California: Leading the way with 1233 locations, California is a major hub for McDonald's, reflecting its significant population and high demand for fast food.
  • Texas: Following closely, Texas boasts 1174 McDonald's restaurants, serving its vast and varied population with consistent and convenient dining options.
  • Florida: With 879 locations, Florida is well-represented in the McDonald's network, meeting the needs of both residents and the millions of tourists who visit the state annually.
  • Illinois: Home to 656 McDonald's establishments, Illinois benefits from a strong presence of the fast-food giant, particularly in urban centers like Chicago.
  • Ohio: Rounding out this group, Ohio has 624 McDonald's restaurants, providing widespread access to the brand's beloved menu items across the state.

McDonald's can be found all across the nation, from California's sunny shores to Texas' vast plains, providing convenience and comfort to hungry customers.

Decoding Geospatial Data for United States McDonald's restaurants

Traffic Data

Comprehending the traffic patterns near McDonald's locations is essential for companies looking to understand consumer behavior trends. McDonald's remains a popular choice for many people looking for convenient and satisfying dining experiences, with 7469 locations having above-average foot traffic and 3811 considered highly visited. These numbers highlight the lasting popularity and broad appeal of the golden arches, offering valuable knowledge for businesses seeking to enhance their tactics and benefit from the constant desire for McDonald's offerings.

Price Range

McDonald's locations across the United States provide a variety of price options that are budget-friendly for all, which is why they are favored by individuals from diverse backgrounds. With a commitment to offering rewarding experiences, McDonald's menu offerings always offer budget-friendly options without sacrificing flavor or excellence. McDonald's remains a representation of affordability in the fast-food sector, providing choices like the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Happy Meals for kids, enabling everyone to savor their preferred dishes at a reasonable cost.

Number of Reviews

McDonald's locations in the United States have review distributions that vary greatly, with some having only 1 review while others have an impressive 20320 reviews. Approximately 13263 establishments have acquired more than 100 reviews, demonstrating extensive involvement and input from content customers. This large number of reviews highlights how McDonald's continues to be popular among a wide audience, with customers eagerly discussing their dining experiences and suggestions. From positive feedback to helpful criticisms, these reviews provide important information for both McDonald's and its customers, influencing the continuous improvement of the dining experience.

How thisGeospatial Intelligence beneficial for F&B Success in United States?

Optimized Location Selection

Geospatial intelligence enables food and beverage companies to strategically choose sites for new locations or expansions in the USA. Businesses can pinpoint ideal spots with high customer traffic and demand by studying factors like population density, consumer demographics, and nearby competitors.

Understanding Customer Behavior

Geospatial data allows businesses to understand customer behavior patterns, like peak dining times and top choices for restaurant locations. This data aids in customizing marketing plans, menu choices, and business choices to better address customer desires and improve overall happiness.

Competitor Analysis

Geospatial intelligence enables businesses to assess the competitive landscape by mapping the locations of rival establishments and analyzing their market presence. This information aids in identifying areas with underserved demand or opportunities to differentiate offerings to stand out in the market.

Traffic and Accessibility Planning

Utilizing geospatial data enables businesses to strategize for traffic flow and ensure easy access to their locations. Businesses can enhance customer convenience and satisfaction by optimizing delivery routes, parking availability, and overall accessibility through understanding traffic flows, road networks, and transportation hubs.

Market Expansion Strategies

Geospatial intelligence is essential for developing market expansion strategies in the USA by pinpointing developing trends, unexplored markets, and potential growth opportunities. Businesses can utilize this information to determine which expansion efforts to prioritize, allocate resources efficiently, and take advantage of new growth and profitability opportunities.


In conclusion, McDonald's pervasive presence and enduring popularity in the United States shape the food and beverage industry landscape significantly. This guide offers businesses valuable insights into distribution, consumer dynamics, and geospatial intelligence surrounding McDonald's locations nationwide. Understanding factors like traffic patterns, pricing strategies, and customer reviews equips businesses to navigate the competitive market successfully. Leveraging this knowledge strategically enables businesses to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and capitalize on the ever-present appeal of the golden arches for success in the dynamic American market.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in United States

  • Customer Segmentation: Use xMap data to tailor marketing strategies and offers for various customer demographics in the USA, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: xMap aids USA F&B businesses in meeting health and safety regulations by mapping inspection facilities and emergency services.
  • Local Partnerships: Identify potential local suppliers and partners using xMap, fostering collaborations and supporting the local economy.
  • Menu Innovation: xMap data guides menu innovation by analyzing consumer preferences and trends in the USA, ensuring continued appeal.
  • Operational Efficiency: xMap optimizes operations like delivery routes and resource allocation for USA F&B businesses, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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