Product Brochure: The Location Intelligence Platform

Published on
December 1, 2023

Unveil the power of xMap's Location Intelligence Platform with our comprehensive brochure. Dive into unique insights that redefine the way businesses navigate, ensuring a path to unparalleled growth and market leadership.

Explore platform features such as Platform as a Service, Data Overlay, User Access Management, 2D and 3D Visualization, Out of the Box Market Data (Cards), Tabular View with Filters, Data Export, Data Filtration and Summarization, and the Ability to Filter.


  • Q: What makes xMap's Location Intelligence Platform unique?
  • A: The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, from 2D and 3D visualization to data overlay and advanced data filtration, providing businesses with a robust toolset for leveraging location intelligence.
  • Q: How does this platform benefit businesses?
  • A: The platform empowers businesses to make informed decisions by visualizing data, managing user access, and utilizing market-ready data for strategic growth.
  • Q: Can this platform handle various data types?
  • A: Yes, xMap's Location Intelligence Platform supports diverse data types, enabling easy data export, filtration, and summarization for comprehensive insights.

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"We focus on delivering quality data tailored to businesses needs in the middle east. Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, or even a gym, you can empower your operations' decisions with geo-data.”
Mo Batran
CEO & Founder @ xMap
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