Pioneering the Future of PropTech: xMap and GACR Partner to Harness Generative AI in Qatar’s Real Estate Sector


Doha, Qatar - xMap Inc., a pioneer in geospatial data analytics and location intelligence solutions, along with Gulf Africa Commercial Representation (GACR), are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at transforming Qatar’s real estate industry. This collaboration leverages the latest advancements in PropTech and generative AI, setting a new standard in real estate development and management.

Objective of the Partnership:
The primary aim is to integrate xMap’s cutting-edge geospatial data analytics with GACR’s market expertise to drive innovation in real estate planning, development, and analytics. This initiative will provide comprehensive insights and predictive capabilities, significantly enhancing urban planning and property management.

Scope and Significance:

  • Technological Integration: Utilizing xMap’s advanced geospatial and AI technologies to improve the planning and analysis phases of real estate projects.
  • Collaboration with Governmental Entities: Working closely with Qatari government agencies to ensure these innovations align with national development policies.
  • Setting New Standards in PropTech: The partnership is set to redefine real estate processes through innovative technology, contributing to sustainable and efficient urban growth.

Statements from Leadership:
Mohamed Batran, CEO of xMap, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership marks a significant step forward in PropTech innovations within Qatar. By combining our strengths with GACR, we aim to transform the real estate landscape through unparalleled technological integration.”

Yassin Aljabarty, CEO of GACR, added, “Our collaboration with xMap is a testament to our commitment to adopting state-of-the-art technologies that enhance our development projects and support Qatar’s economic diversification efforts.”

About xMap Inc.:
xMap Inc. is a tech startup in the field of location intelligence and geospatial analytics, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable data-driven decision-making for businesses and governments.

About Gulf Africa Commercial Representation (GACR):
GACR stands at the forefront of Qatar’s commercial sector, facilitating significant business and development projects. Its strategic initiatives and partnerships are crucial to its mission of driving economic growth in Qatar and beyond.