San Marino - Road Traffic Data

Explore the unique traffic dynamics of San Marino with our comprehensive dataset, capturing detailed insights into traffic flows, congestion levels, and vehicle types within this small yet historically rich enclave. Ideal for local authorities, urban planners, and researchers, this dataset is essential for devising effective traffic management strategies, enhancing urban mobility, and planning for sustainable infrastructure developments in San Marino.

Vital Traffic Insights across the San Marino

Examine in-depth data and studies that provide valuable insights into the complexities of traffic patterns, congested zones, and necessary speed changes for efficient transportation planning in San Marino.


Total Number of records
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292 kilometers

Total Length of San Marino Roads (Kms)
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Strada del Lavoro - 59.36km/h

Fastest Road by Median Speed
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Piazzale Lo Stradone - 24.0 km/h

Slowest Road by Median Speed
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Preview the depth and breadth of our traffic data collection, showcasing how granular insights can revolutionize transportation planning and management in San Marino.

Key Variables

Examine in-depth data and studies that provide valuable insights into the complexities of traffic patterns, congested zones, and necessary speed changes for efficient transportation planning in San Marino.

Street Name
The official name of a road, essential for location identification and route navigation.
Median speed
The middle value of speed measurements, offering a representative speed of traffic under typical conditions.
The maximum legally permitted speed on a road segment, crucial for safety and traffic flow analysis.
The length of a road segment or route, key in calculating travel times and route planning.
The order of road segments or data points, important for mapping routes and analyzing traffic flow sequences.
Average speed
The arithmetic mean of speed data, useful for understanding overall traffic flow on a road segment.
Standard Deviation speed
A measure of speed variability, indicating the consistency or fluctuation of traffic speeds.
TravelTime Standard Deviation
Reflects the variability in travel time, highlighting potential delays and inconsistencies in journey durations.
Sample Size
The number of data points or observations collected, critical for the reliability and accuracy of traffic analysis.
A classification system for roads, determining their hierarchy and role in overall traffic mobility.

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Historical Center Traffic Regulation

Utilize San Marino's road traffic data to regulate traffic within its historical center, preserving its heritage while accommodating tourists and residents. Implement measures such as timed entry systems, vehicle restrictions during peak hours, and the enhancement of pedestrian zones. This approach aims to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and enhance the visitor experience in culturally significant areas.

Emergency Response Optimization

Leverage traffic data to optimize emergency response routes and times in San Marino. Analyze traffic patterns to ensure that emergency services can navigate quickly and efficiently, especially during peak tourist seasons or special events. This use of data helps in planning the most effective routes and times for emergency interventions, improving response times and public safety.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Employ road traffic data to develop and implement sustainable urban mobility plans in San Marino. Focus on enhancing public transportation options, creating more bike lanes, and promoting walking paths. Use the insights from traffic volumes and movement patterns to identify areas for improvement and to effectively reduce the dependency on private vehicles, supporting environmental sustainability and urban livability.

Everything You need to know to know about the Road Traffic of San Marino

Median Vehicle Speeds by Road Names

This analysis evaluates median vehicle speeds across various road types, highlighting efficiency and congestion levels from highways to local streets.

Street Name

Median Speed (km/h)

Piazzale Lo Stradone


Via Francesco Guicciardini


Piazzale della Stazione


Via Giovan Battista Belluzzi


Viale Federico d'Urbino


Via Solaiolo


Via Oddone Scarito


Strada del Ponticello


Strada dell'Olmeda


Piazza della Pace


Via Gualdicciolo


Via 4 Giugno


Strada della Serra


Strada di Monte Olivo


Via Fabrizio da Montebello


Via 3 Settembre


Strada del Marano


Via 5 Febbraio


Via Consolare Rimini-San Marino


Strada del Lavoro


Speed Limit Distribution

Explores the range and prevalence of speed limits throughout San Marino, identifying areas with strict regulations and potential zones for speed limit adjustments.

Functional Road Class (FRC) Distribution

Illustrates the variety of road types within the network, from major thoroughfares to local streets, and their distribution across the territory.

Average Speed by Functional Road Class (FRC)

Analyzes average speeds based on road functional classifications, providing insights into traffic flow and congestion differences between arterial roads and local streets.

Average Speed Distribution for Via 4 Giugno

Examines speed patterns along this major road, highlighting areas of congestion or high efficiency and their impact on travel times.

Top 10 Streets by Average Speed

Lists the top 10 streets by average speed, offering an overview of traffic conditions in busy urban areas or on efficient routes.

San Marino Street Traffic Analysis

Presents a detailed examination of traffic flow on San Marino's streets, including peak traffic times, average speeds, and congested areas, supported by visual data.

This data is provided by LocationMind but the data source is TomTom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

What types of data are included in the Road Traffic Insights?

This dataset encompasses real-time and historical data on traffic density, accidents, road conditions, and congestion trends.

How can this road traffic dataset benefit my business or project?

Leverage this dataset for site selection, analyze road traffic on your desired business location, enhanced route planning, strategic urban development projects, and to implement proactive traffic management strategies.

What support does xMap offer to clients using the Road Traffic dataset?

At xMap, we are committed to ensuring that our clients can leverage our datasets effectively. We provide comprehensive technical support, including help with data integration, troubleshooting, and optimization of data use. Additionally, we offer consulting services to help businesses understand and analyze traffic data to meet their specific strategic objectives.

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