Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels in Switzerland – POI data

Containing data on 50.849 restaurant and café within Switzerland, this dataset offers a comprehensive view of the restaurants and cafés landscape in the country. Each entry includes vital information such as the establishment’s name, address, contact details, website link, review counts, and 20 additional attributes.

List of Restaurants and Cafes in Switzerland

The Restaurants and Cafés POI dataset for Morocco provides a comprehensive collection of real-world locations that are identifiable and named, specifically focusing on restaurants and cafes. These POIs include various types of eateries, such as fast food, casual dining, fine dining, ethnic cuisine, coffee shops, bakeries, etc., facilitating efficient access and enhancing user experiences.


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Download Switzerland's Restaurants, and Cafés Points of Interest Data

This dataset employs various categorization methods to classify restaurants and cafés based on type, subtype, location, and attributes. The type categorization encompasses broad classifications like restaurant or café, while subtypes offer finer granularity such as specific cuisines. Location data pinpoints the exact geographical coordinates of each restaurant, café or hotel, enabling precise mapping. Furthermore, the dataset offers an array of attributes that furnish additional information about these establishments, such as contact details, operational hours, ratings, reviews, and other relevant data.

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Leverage Traffic Score Data for Market Expansion in Switzerland

It provides a detailed understanding of the Swiss geographical landscape and assists in pinpointing regions where competitors are flourishing and potential opportunities for expansion exist, particularly for stakeholders, marketing professionals, business development executives, or consulting firms.

Utilize Traffic Score Data for Strategic Market Positioning

This data can be particularly useful for marketing executives, enabling them to strategize effectively to cater to the unique preferences and demands of Swiss consumers.

Mitigating Site Selection Risks

By assessing traffic scores in potential Swiss locations, you can avoid expensive errors and address concerns about site selection when expanding or establishing operations in the FMCG and F&B industry.

Unleash the power of xMap

The industries of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Food & Beverage (F&B) are always adapting to keep up with market trends, driven by shifts in consumer preferences and behaviors. Switzerland, with its rich cultural diversity and regional differences, presents a highly competitive market. This is evident in the fact that there are over 50,849 restaurants and cafes in the country, all vying for high customer traffic.

Traffic and popularity of restaurants by province

The traffic score is a useful tool for gauging the popularity of a specific restaurant or cafe. This index is derived from data collected from various phone sensors, providing an indication of how bustling and active each location is in comparison to others across different provinces. This allows for a more nuanced understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Geographical Distribution

Zurich, with its 6,805 restaurants and cafes, holds the distinction of having the highest number of food and beverage establishments in Switzerland. Bern, the country’s capital, follows closely with over 5,938 such establishments. On the other end of the spectrum, Appenzell Innerrhoden has the smallest number of establishments, with just 136 restaurants.

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Download the list of 63,500 Restaurants in Florida based on their name, phone number, email, and other information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

How much are restaurants in Switzerland?

There are over 50,849 restaurants and cafes in Switzerland with a high traffic score.

What time do restaurants close in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, restaurants typically close around 10:00 PM, but the exact time can vary depending on the establishment and the day of the week.

How expensive are restaurants in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the cost of a meal at a restaurant can vary, with set lunchtime menus typically priced between CHF 25 to 30, while an ‘à la carte’ dinner main dish can range from CHF 20 to 50.

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