Population Demographics data in Saudi Arabia – POI data

Population demographics for Kuwait in a high-resolution data format disaggregated to be high resolution.

Distribution of Genders in Saudi Arabia Population

Analyzing the Gender Balance in Kuwait: A Detailed Overview” and “Understanding the Demographics: The Male-Female Ratio in KSA's Population.


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Percentage of Male Population
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Percentage of Female Population
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Percentage of Female Population between 20 and 25
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Download the data for Distribution of Genders in Saudi Arabia Population

Exploring Gender Diversity in Kuwait: A Comprehensive Breakdown” and “A Closer Look at the Male-Female Ratio in Saudi Arabia's Population.

Key Variables

Analyzing the Gender Balance in Kuwait: A Detailed Overview” and “Understanding the Demographics: The Male-Female Ratio in KSA's Population.

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Use Cases

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Urban Planning for Elderly-Friendly Infrastructure

Utilize demographic data to identify areas with a high population of individuals aged 65 and above. Plan and design infrastructure enhancements such as accessible pathways, seating, and recreational facilities to cater to the needs of this age group.

Retail and Service Business Planning

Guide business planning by understanding local demographics. Determine the demand for specific products and services based on the age distribution in different areas, enabling businesses to cater to the unique preferences of residents.

Retail Location Optimization

Optimize store locations based on age distribution data. Choose prime retail spots in areas with a higher concentration of specific age groups, ensuring maximum foot traffic and tailored product offerings. View this data on interactive dashboard to assess population distribution and evaluate asset placement and new store opening

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

What is Saudi Arabia's population

As of October 5, 2023, the population of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be 37,084,6321.

why is Saudi Arabia's population so low?

Saudi Arabia’s population is considered low due to factors such as its vast desert geography, which makes many areas uninhabitable, and the fact that until the 1960s, most of the population was nomadic or semi-nomadic1. Additionally, there has been a decrease in the total population due to an increase in the number of non-Saudi males, who make up a significant portion of the population, leaving the country during the coronavirus pandemic period.

What is the size of the nonreligious population in Saudia Arabia?

According to a 2012 poll by WIN-Gallup International, 5% of 502 Saudi Arabians surveyed stated they were "convinced atheists.

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