Mobility Data - United Arab Emirates

GPS movement dataset in United Arab Emirates segmented by multiple attributes for using it in business geotargeting, mobility studies, urban planning and traffic management. This is a privacy-safe global consumer behavior data to enable actionable insights for business decisions.

Vital Mobility Insights across the United Arab Emirates

Movement database on high granular level in the United Arab Emirates for urban planning, advertisement, mobility and research study, and more applications.


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Download a sample for database of mobility database and movement data in United Arab Emirates with future updates

Key Variables

Movement database on high granular level in the United Arab Emirates for urban planning, advertisement, mobility and research study, and more applications.

Day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
Specific visit time (hh:mm:ss)
Time zone of visit location
Calendar date of visit
Longitude coordinate
Latitude coordinate
Time of visit in Unix timestamp format

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Retail Strategy Optimization

Businesses within and around Dubai Mall can use mobility data to understand foot traffic patterns, peak visiting times, and visitor demographics. This information helps retailers adjust their marketing and sales strategies, optimize store layouts, and plan promotions or events to coincide with high traffic periods, thereby maximizing customer engagement and sales.

Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development

City planners and infrastructure developers can analyze the mobility data to better understand the flow of people around Dubai Mall. This insight is crucial for planning public transportation routes, improving parking facilities, and enhancing pedestrian pathways. By aligning development projects with actual traffic and pedestrian needs, the city can improve accessibility, reduce congestion, and enhance the overall visitor experience.

Security and Crowd Management

The mobility data allows security teams at Dubai Mall to monitor crowd dynamics and anticipate potential security threats or bottlenecks. By understanding the patterns in which crowds gather or move, security measures can be adjusted in real-time during high-traffic events or peak shopping seasons, ensuring a safer environment for visitors and staff alike.

United Arab Emirates  movement and mobility - All what you need to know

Mobility data and footfall data are terms often used in the fields of urban planning, retail, and transportation to describe different types of movement-related information:

Mobility Data

Mobility data refers to information that tracks and analyzes the movement patterns of people or vehicles over time and across different geographical locations. This data can be collected from various sources such as GPS devices, mobile phones, transport ticketing systems, and connected vehicles. It helps in understanding how people travel, the routes they take, the modes of transportation they use, and the timing of their movements. Urban planners, transport authorities, and businesses use this data to improve traffic management, plan transportation networks, enhance public transit systems, and even to forecast travel demands.

Footfall Data

Footfall data specifically measures the number of people moving or visiting a particular space, such as a retail store, a shopping mall, a public square, or an event venue. It is typically gathered through sensors, CCTV cameras, or manually by counting. This data is crucial for retail businesses to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, store performance, and layout optimizations. It also helps in assessing the popularity of various public spaces and can aid in the planning and management of urban areas to enhance safety, accessibility, and economic activity.

To derive this data and understand retail, mobility and real estate performance, anonymized mobile phone data is the base and essence of this information. 

Example about Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the second-largest mall in the world by total land area and the 26th-largest shopping mall in the world by gross leasable area. 

As of 2024, Dubai Mall is owned and developed by Emaar Properties, a major real estate company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Location Pins report (heat map)

Most of the visitors of dubai mall are clustered in in the middle with this rounded like path, the country can be identified and performance of stores can be utilized

Origin of trips or origin of inflow

Knowing where visitors come from is essential to understand the origin of inflow or visitors behaviour. The below report is based on massive data on estimating the inflow of visitors and where they come from 

Visitors inflow

The inflow of visitors change over time and over specific characteristics and distribution. 

This trend graph shows how the number of people visiting Dubai Mall changes over time, giving us useful information about the daily patterns of visitors. Examining this data allows stakeholders to recognize trends, like busy days or changes in seasons, which help make decisions on operations and marketing plans.

Distribution of Visits by Days of the Week

Examining the breakdown of mall visits by each day of the week provides important information about the traffic patterns on a weekly basis. This data helps identify busiest days, improve staffing, and customize promotions for better visitor interaction.

Distribution of Visits by Hours of the Day

Analyzing the distribution of mall visits throughout the week offers vital insights into weekly traffic trends. This information assists in pinpointing the most hectic days, enhancing workforce management, and tailoring promotions to enhance visitor engagement.

Transportation Patterns Data

Our Transportation Patterns Data provides an in-depth look at the commuting behaviors and travel habits within the United Arab Emirates. This data is essential for understanding how residents and visitors move between cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Offering valuable insights for urban planning and infrastructure development, the data is presented in an anonymized manner to ensure privacy."

Traffic Flow Analytics Data

Traffic Flow Analytics Data captures the dynamics of vehicle movements across the major roadways of the United Arab Emirates. This data aids in designing better traffic management systems and in reducing congestion in rapidly growing urban areas like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, providing anonymized insights into the daily movement patterns of the population."

Location Analytics Data

Location Analytics Data is pivotal for businesses and urban planners in the United Arab Emirates, offering detailed insights into spatial movement trends. This data assists in understanding how areas like Dubai Marina or Downtown Abu Dhabi attract people, crucial for retail location planning, event management, and real estate development, all presented in an anonymized format.

Route Usage Data

Route Usage Data focuses on the utilization of various transportation routes within the United Arab Emirates. By analyzing this data, transport authorities can enhance public transit systems and road networks to accommodate growing demands, ensuring efficient movement of people and goods in cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, all in an anonymized manner."

Movement Tracking Data

Movement Tracking Data provides comprehensive insights into the patterns of movement within the United Arab Emirates, helping businesses and government agencies to better understand pedestrian and vehicular flows in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. This anonymized data is crucial for enhancing safety, optimizing urban layouts, and improving overall mobility in these bustling metropolitan areas.

Mobility Pattern Analysis Data

Mobility Pattern Analysis Data offers a detailed examination of how individuals commute across different regions of the United Arab Emirates. This anonymized data is invaluable for stakeholders looking to develop targeted strategies for transportation, urban development, and commercial investments based on the distinct movement trends observed in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

What insights can businesses gain from the Mobility Data of Dubai Mall dataset?

Businesses can leverage the Mobility Data of Dubai Mall to gain detailed insights into visitor traffic patterns, demographic breakdowns, and peak activity hours. This data is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies, improving customer engagement, and enhancing the overall shopping experience, helping businesses tailor their approaches to meet consumer needs effectively.

How can the Dubai Mall mobility data help in improving operational efficiency for retailers?

The mobility data provides retailers with a deep understanding of foot traffic dynamics, which aids in staff allocation, inventory management, and the scheduling of promotions. By aligning operational strategies with actual consumer behaviors and peak traffic times, retailers can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Can the Mobility Data of Dubai Mall assist in urban planning around the mall area?

Yes, urban planners can utilize this dataset to analyze the flow of people in and around Dubai Mall, aiding in the design and implementation of better transportation systems, enhanced parking solutions, and improved pedestrian routes. This data-driven approach supports sustainable urban development and helps in creating more accessible and user-friendly environments around one of the busiest commercial hubs in Dubai.

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