Italy - Road Traffic Data

Leverage the power of detailed traffic data to navigate and improve Italy's road networks, fostering safer and more efficient transportation.

Vital Traffic Insights across the Italy

Delve into detailed metrics and analyses, uncovering the nuances of traffic flow, congestion hotspots, and speed trends essential for informed transportation planning and management across the Italy.


Total Number of records
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487,700 km

Total Length of Italy Roads (Kms)
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Autostrada dei Laghi - 102km/h

Fastest Road by Median Speed
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Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo - 46.1 km/h

Slowest Road by Median Speed
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Snapshot of Italy Road Traffic

Dive into a curated selection of our dataset, illustrating the potential to revolutionize how Italy manages road traffic and urban mobility.

Key Variables

Delve into detailed metrics and analyses, uncovering the nuances of traffic flow, congestion hotspots, and speed trends essential for informed transportation planning and management across the Italy.

Standard Deviation speed
A measure of speed variability, indicating the consistency or fluctuation of traffic speeds.
TravelTime Standard Deviation
Reflects the variability in travel time, highlighting potential delays and inconsistencies in journey durations.
Average speed
The arithmetic mean of speed data, useful for understanding overall traffic flow on a road segment.
The order of road segments or data points, important for mapping routes and analyzing traffic flow sequences.
Sample Size
The number of data points or observations collected, critical for the reliability and accuracy of traffic analysis.
Street Name
The official name of a road, essential for location identification and route navigation.
Median speed
The middle value of speed measurements, offering a representative speed of traffic under typical conditions.
A classification system for roads, determining their hierarchy and role in overall traffic mobility.
The length of a road segment or route, key in calculating travel times and route planning.
Time set
A specific time frame under consideration, important for analyzing traffic patterns at different times.
The maximum legally permitted speed on a road segment, crucial for safety and traffic flow analysis.

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Optimizing Urban Mobility

Deploy advanced traffic data to mitigate congestion in Italy's urban centers, enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Strategic Infrastructure Development

Inform infrastructure projects with robust data analytics, prioritizing investments that address critical needs and improve road efficiency.

Enhancing Road Safety Measures

Target accident-prone areas with data-driven safety initiatives, significantly reducing risk and protecting road users across Italy.

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Street Names by Median Speed

streetName medianSpeed
Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 46.1
Galleria Gracchi 57.6
Viale Brianza 62.2
E62 62.7
Strada Statale Paullese 63.6
Viadotto Parchi 64.9
Viale Enrico Forlanini 65.55
Via Rivoltana 67.35
SP415 70.8
Strada Provinciale Paullese 72.6
Strada Statale del Lago di Como e dello Spluga 89.6
Autostrada Milano-Brescia 90.6
Tangenziale Est 91
Autostrada dei Giovi 91.15
Strada Provinciale Rivoltana 92.7
Autostrada Torino-Milano 92.7
Via del Mare 93.25
Tangenziale Ovest 95.3
Autostrada del Sole 97.85
Autostrada dei Laghi 102

Analyzes median speeds across different road types in Italy, highlighting the efficiency of highways versus urban streets and the impact on overall traffic flow.

Co-relation Matrix

Reveals the relationships between traffic volume, time of day, road types, and speed, providing a multi-dimensional view of traffic dynamics.

Average Speed by Street Name (Top 10 Streets)

Identifies the streets with the highest and lowest average speeds, indicating areas of congestion or smooth flow.

Average Speed Distribution for Tangenziale Ovest Road

A chart detailing speed distribution along this crucial bypass, offering insights into peak congestion times and traffic flow.

Average Speed by Functional Road Class (FRC)

Breaks down speeds by road classification, highlighting differences between expressways, arterials, and local roads.

Distribution of Speed Limits

Maps out the variance in speed limits across Italy, reflecting regulatory approaches and their impact on driving behaviors.

Distribution of Functional Road Classes

Provides an overview of Italy's road network composition, emphasizing the balance between high-capacity roads and local streets.

Milan Traffic Data

Presents a visual analysis of Milan's traffic, showcasing congestion patterns, traffic hotspots, and flow efficiency.

Tangenziale Ovest Road Network Data

Offers a detailed view of traffic patterns on one of Milan's key bypasses, highlighting efficiency and problem areas.

Viale Gian Galeazzo Road Data

Visualizes traffic flow on this important street, indicating speed variations, volume, and potential congestion points.

This data is provided by LocationMind but the data source is TomTom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

How this traffic data be useful?

It would be deal for traffic analysis, median speed, trend analysis and forecasting.

What types of data are included in the Road Traffic Insights?

This dataset encompasses real-time and historical data on traffic density, accidents, road conditions, and congestion trends.

How frequently is the dataset updated?

The dataset is updated after every 3 months to reflect any new entries, closures, and shifts in the grocery market dynamics.

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