Hotels and Accommodation Establishments points of interest data in Saudi Arabia – POI data

Containing data on 22,985 hotels and accommodation establishments within Saudi Arabia, this dataset offers a comprehensive view of the accommodation establishments landscape in the country. Each entry includes vital information such as the establishment’s name, address, contact details, website link, review counts, and 20 additional attributes.

List of Hotels and Accomodation points of interest data in Saudi Arabia

The Hotels and Accommodation Establishments POI dataset for Saudi Arabia comprises an extensive compilation of 22,985 hotels and lodging options. This dataset offers a wealth of valuable information for various industry applications, focusing specifically on the hospitality sector.


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Download List of Hotels and Accomodation places in Saudi Arabia

The dataset employs sophisticated categorization techniques to classify accommodations by type, subtype, location, and attributes. While type categorization broadly distinguishes hotels and accommodation establishments, subtypes provide nuanced classifications such as star ratings or unique features. Location data is provided in the form of precise latitude and longitude coordinates, facilitating accurate mapping and navigation. Additionally, the dataset furnishes an array of attributes, encompassing essential details such as contact information, operational hours, guest ratings, reviews, and pertinent data that contribute to informed decision-making processes.

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Market Analysis

Researchers can utilize this dataset to analyze the distribution of gas stations across different regions and assess market competition.

Business Insights

Businesses can leverage the dataset’s attributes, such as review counts and operational hours, to gain insights into consumer preferences and optimize their strategies.

Tourism Planning

The dataset can assist in tourism planning by identifying gas stations near tourist attractions, ensuring convenience for travelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

How many hotels are in Saudi Arabia?

Containing data on 22,985 hotels and accommodation establishments within Saudi Arabia

Are there 7 star hotels in Saudi Arabia?

While there are many luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia, such as the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh1 and the Jeddah Hilton2, the term “7-star” is not officially recognized by any standard hotel classification and is often used to symbolize extreme luxury; it’s not clear if any hotels in Saudi Arabia officially use this rating.

What is the cheapest hotel in Saudi Arabia?

The cheapest hotels in Saudi Arabia can be found for as low as $7 a night1.

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