Health Care Facilities Database | Saudi Arabia

Containing data on 27,718 health care facilities within KSA, this dataset offers a comprehensive view of the health care landscape in the country. Each entry includes vital information such as the facility’s name, address, contact details, website link, rating, reviews, and 30 additional attributes.

List of Healthcare facilities in the Saudi Arabia

The Health Care Facilities POI dataset for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) provides a comprehensive collection of real-world locations that are identifiable and named, specifically focusing on health care facilities. These POIs include hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and other medical services, facilitating efficient access and enhancing user experiences.


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Download KSA's Healthcare Facilities Points of Interest Data

This dataset employs various categorization methods to classify health care facilities based on location, and attributes. Location data pinpoints the exact geographical coordinates of each health care facility, and associated province and district enabling precise mapping and targeting. Furthermore, the dataset offers an array of attributes that furnish additional information about these health care facilities, such as contact details, traffic, ratings, reviews, and other relevant data.

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Optimize your health care facility performance and efficiency

Use data-driven methods and best practices to compare your facility with others, identify areas of improvement, and plan your expansion, relocation, or consolidation strategies.

Customize your health care services and streamline your facility operations

Understand your target customers’ needs and preferences, discover gaps or opportunities in the market, and manage your facility’s operations based on the data.

Find the best locations for your health care facility project

Use our dataset to find the most suitable and profitable locations for your project, based on the supply and demand of health care services and real estate prices and trends.

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Saudi Arabia Health Facilities by Province

This shows the count of health facilities ****in the provinces of Saudi Arabia. Each point on the map represents a health facility.Out of 27,718 health facilities in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh has 7,760 health facilities which is the highest, followed by Makkah with 6,154 health facilities. Northern Borders Region has the lowest population with 400 health facilities. 3,775 of these  health facilities have a 5-star rating.

Traffic Score and Popularity of Health Facilities

Traffic score shows the popularity of a health facilities. This data can be used to track customer’s preferences and competitors.

7.74% of the health facilities in Saudi Arabia have high traffic and are highly visited. In this category, Riyadh Region has the highest number of health facilities with high traffic (768) and Al Bahah Region has the lowest with just 14 health facilities. 0.39% of the 3,775 health facilities with a 5-star are highly visited.

Children’s Hospital

There are 31 health facilities tagged ‘children’s hospital’ in Saudi Arabia. 6 out of the 7,760 health facilities in Riyadh are tagged ‘children’s hospital’ and Makkah has 9 children’s hospitals which is the highest. Northern Borders Region has none. In this category, there are 2 children’s hospital with a 5-star rating. One is in Makkah and hte other is in Al Jawf Region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

Is there free healthcare in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Saudi Arabia provides free universal healthcare coverage to its citizens through a number of government agencies.

Is health insurance mandatory in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, health insurance is mandatory for all residents, including expatriates, in Saudi Arabia.

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