Brazil - Road Traffic Data

Delve into detailed traffic data to enhance road safety, optimize traffic management, and support sustainable urban planning across Brazil.

Vital Traffic Insights across the Brazil

Delve into detailed metrics and analyses, uncovering the nuances of traffic flow, congestion hotspots, and speed trends essential for informed transportation planning and management across the Brazil.


Total Number of records
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2,000,000 kilometeres

Total Length of Brazil Roads (Kms)
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Estrada Municipal - 401542.46 meters

Longest Road of Brazil
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61.24 km/h

Average Median Speed
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Snapshot of Brazil Road Traffic

Get a sneak peek into our rich dataset, showcasing the potential to transform Brazil's road network management.

Key Variables

Delve into detailed metrics and analyses, uncovering the nuances of traffic flow, congestion hotspots, and speed trends essential for informed transportation planning and management across the Brazil.

TravelTime Standard Deviation
Reflects the variability in travel time, highlighting potential delays and inconsistencies in journey durations.
Sample Size
The number of data points or observations collected, critical for the reliability and accuracy of traffic analysis.
The order of road segments or data points, important for mapping routes and analyzing traffic flow sequences.
Average speed
The arithmetic mean of speed data, useful for understanding overall traffic flow on a road segment.
Standard Deviation speed
A measure of speed variability, indicating the consistency or fluctuation of traffic speeds.
Median speed
The middle value of speed measurements, offering a representative speed of traffic under typical conditions.
Street Name
The official name of a road, essential for location identification and route navigation.
A classification system for roads, determining their hierarchy and role in overall traffic mobility.
Time set
A specific time frame under consideration, important for analyzing traffic patterns at different times.
The maximum legally permitted speed on a road segment, crucial for safety and traffic flow analysis.
The length of a road segment or route, key in calculating travel times and route planning.

Use Cases

How can this dataset benefit you?

Optimized Traffic Management

Leverage real-time data to streamline traffic flow and reduce congestion in Brazil's bustling cities.

Infrastructure Development

Inform the development of resilient and efficient road infrastructure suited to Brazil's unique geographical challenges.

Road Safety Enhancement

Utilize traffic insights to identify high-risk areas and implement targeted interventions, improving safety for all road users.

Road Classes by Median Speed

streetName medianSpeed
Viaduto General Milton Tavares de Souza 15.7
Rua João Afonso 31.45
Rua José Félix 32.7
Praça Ari da Rocha 34.65
Rua Carmópolis de Minas 35
Avenida Aírton Pretini 35.15
Avenida Eusébio Matoso 35.9
Avenida Miguel Catarino 36.5
Avenida Professor Luiz Ignácio Anhaia Mello 36.7
Rodovia Perito Criminal Engenheiro Antonio Car... 87.8
Rodovia Presidente Dutra 88.7
SP-150 89.2
Acesso à SP-070 BR-116 89.25
Rodovia dos Imigrantes 89.6
Rodoanel Mário Covas 90.4
Rodovia Dom Pedro I 92.8
Rodovia Ayrton Senna da Silva 94
Rodovia dos Bandeirantes 104
Rodovia Governador Carvalho Pinto 109

Explore how varying road types across Brazil influence average driving speeds, revealing insights into road efficiency and potential areas for infrastructure improvement.

Co-relation Matrix Diagram

A visual representation highlighting the relationships between different traffic variables, such as speed, volume, and time of day, providing a comprehensive overview of traffic dynamics.

Average Speed Distribution for Estrada Municipal Road

Analyze a detailed chart showing speed distributions along Estrada Municipal, offering insights into traffic flow and identifying peak congestion times.

Average Speed by Street Name (Top 10 Streets)

Discover the fastest and slowest streets in terms of average speed, indicating areas of high efficiency or congestion in urban environments.

Average Speed by Functional Road Class (FRC)

Break down average speeds by road classification, shedding light on how different types of roads contribute to overall traffic conditions.

Percentage of segments on Estrada Municipal complying with the speed limit is 84.18%

Sau Paulo Road Network Data

A graphical overview of São Paulo's road network, illustrating traffic patterns, congestion hotspots, and flow efficiencies.

Avenida de Nacoes Unidas Traffic Data

Visual insights into traffic conditions on Avenida de Nações Unidas, showcasing volume, speed trends, and peak congestion times.

Sau Paulo Road Network Satellite View Data

Combines satellite imagery with traffic data overlays, offering a unique perspective on São Paulo's traffic management and urban planning strategies.

This data is provided by LocationMind but the data source is TomTom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our spatial analyst platform.

How this traffic data be useful?

It would be deal for traffic analysis, median speed, trend analysis and forecasting.

What types of data are included in the Road Traffic Insights?

This dataset encompasses real-time and historical data on traffic density, accidents, road conditions, and congestion trends.

How frequently is the dataset updated?

The dataset is updated after every 3 months to reflect any new entries, closures, and shifts in the grocery market dynamics.

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