How Many Starbucks Are in the United States in 2024? A Detailed Data Analysis

June 13, 2024
10 mins read
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Starbucks, the global coffeehouse chain, has a substantial presence in the United States, ingraining itself into American culture with thousands of locations nationwide. This article explores the extensive distribution of Starbucks stores, highlighting the prominence of states like California, Texas, and Florida. Geospatial data reveals that many locations experience high foot traffic, while most maintain moderate pricing, balancing affordability and quality. The large number of customer reviews underscores the brand's widespread popularity and engagement. By decoding this geospatial and traffic data, we provide insights into how Starbucks leverages these factors to succeed in the competitive U.S. food and beverage industry.

As of the latest data, there are 15,988 Starbucks locations spread across the United States. This extensive network of stores underscores Starbucks' dominance in the American coffee market, making it a ubiquitous part of daily life for many. With nearly 16,000 establishments, Starbucks has achieved remarkable market penetration, ensuring that a coffeehouse is never too far away for most Americans.

Distribution of Starbucks in United States by States


Number of Establishments











New York








North Carolina








The distribution of Starbucks locations across the United States varies significantly by state, reflecting regional demand and population density. California leads with an impressive 3,056 establishments, highlighting its status as a key market for the coffee giant. Texas follows with 1,373 locations, while Florida has 913. Washington, the birthplace of Starbucks, has 741 stores, showing its enduring popularity in its home state. Illinois rounds out the top five with 629 locations, illustrating the widespread appeal of Starbucks in both coastal and inland regions.

Decoding Geospatial Data for Starbucks in United States

Traffic Data

Starbucks locations in the United States experience varying levels of customer traffic, reflecting their popularity and accessibility. Out of the total establishments, 6,148 locations receive above-average visitation, indicating robust customer engagement. Additionally, 1,118 stores are categorized as highly visited, showcasing hotspots of intense customer activity. In contrast, a smaller number, 74 locations, see average visitation, suggesting consistent but more modest foot traffic. This traffic data highlights the varying degrees of popularity among Starbucks locations nationwide.

Price Range

Most Starbucks locations in the US are classified as moderately expensive. This pricing reveals the company's tactic of providing top-notch products that warrant a slightly increased price compared to typical coffee shops. Starbucks makes sure that their high-quality products, such as specialty drinks and a cozy atmosphere, are available to a diverse range of customers through pricing that is affordable. This method attracts various customers by combining low prices with the excellent service that Starbucks is famous for.

Number of Reviews

Starbucks locations across the United States receive a broad spectrum of reviews, ranging from just one to a staggering 14,811 reviews per store. Impressively, a substantial 10,725 establishments have accumulated more than 100 reviews each, indicating robust customer engagement and widespread popularity. This extensive feedback underscores the significant impact Starbucks has on the daily routines and preferences of countless Americans, reflecting its enduring presence and influence in the coffee industry.

Leveraging Geospatial Intelligence for F&B Success in United States

Market Optimization

Geospatial intelligence allows F&B companies to strategically place themselves through the analysis of location-specific information. This involves pinpointing busy locations, studying local population data, and evaluating nearby competitors, resulting in optimal selection of site for increased visibility and reach to customers.

Customer Targeting

Utilizing geospatial data enables F&B businesses to accurately aim their marketing strategies at particular customer groups. Businesses can adjust promotions, menu options, and marketing strategies to align with local preferences by examining consumer behaviors and movements in a specific area.

Operational Efficiency

Geospatial intelligence enhances efficiency through the optimization of supply chain logistics, delivery routes, and inventory management. Analyzing transportation networks and traffic patterns allows businesses to shorten delivery times, lower fuel expenses, and maintain timely inventory restocking, ultimately improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Competitive Analysis

Geospatial intelligence offers important perspectives on rivals' actions and industry patterns. F&B businesses can stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of emerging trends by analyzing competitor locations, market share, and consumer behavior to find opportunities for differentiation, innovation, and market expansion.

Expansion Strategies

Geospatial intelligence is crucial in assisting companies in creating expansion strategies by identifying untapped markets and potential areas for development. Businesses in the US can attain sustainable growth and lasting success in the competitive F&B industry by analyzing population density, demographic shifts, and consumer preferences in different regions to guide choices on new store launches, franchise expansion, and market entry tactics.


In conclusion, Starbucks's widespread presence in the United States mirrors its significant influence on American coffee culture. By examining how the brand's success is influenced by its distribution, traffic data, pricing, customer reviews, and geospatial intelligence, we've acquired valuable insights. Starbucks has around 16,000 carefully positioned sites across the country, making it a popular choice for coffee lovers, with California having the most stores. Utilizing geospatial intelligence in the F&B industry demonstrates its versatility and creativity for market optimization, customer targeting, operational efficiency, competitive analysis, and expansion strategies. Starbucks's long-lasting appeal and impact are set to continue shaping the future of the American coffee market.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in United States

  • Location Intelligence: Pinpoints prime expansion locations by analyzing demographics and competitors, ensuring strategic growth initiatives.
  • Market Analysis: Visualizes sales data and demographics for targeted marketing strategies, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Route Optimization: Minimizes delivery times and costs through efficient logistics planning, improving operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Customer Targeting: Tailors marketing efforts based on location-based preferences, driving brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Expansion Planning: Identifies growth opportunities and competitive landscapes for strategic expansion, ensuring sustainable business growth in the dynamic F&B industry.

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