How many Pizza Hut restaurants are in the United States? A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

June 21, 2024
10 mins read
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Pizza Hut is a well-known name in the American dining landscape, offering a wide range of pizzas and related menu items across its numerous locations in the United States. This guide provides an in-depth look at the distribution of Pizza Hut restaurants across different states, highlighting the concentration in various regions and the implications for businesses looking to understand the brand's footprint. Additionally, it delves into geospatial data, exploring visitation patterns and review metrics to offer a comprehensive view of customer engagement. For businesses in the food and beverage sector, this analysis presents valuable insights into leveraging location intelligence for strategic planning and market positioning.

Pizza Hut boasts a significant presence across the United States, with a total of 6,226 restaurants nationwide. This extensive network underscores the brand's widespread appeal and accessibility, making it a prominent player in the American dining scene. The substantial number of locations reflects Pizza Hut's strategy to cater to a broad customer base, ensuring that their iconic pizzas are available to communities across the country. This large footprint not only highlights the brand's popularity but also its operational scale and market reach.

Distribution of Pizza Hut restaurants in United States by States


Number of Establishments









North Carolina


















The distribution of Pizza Hut restaurants across the United States showcases the brand's strategic positioning in key states. Texas leads with the highest number of establishments, totaling 717, reflecting the state's large population and diverse market. Following Texas, California has 509 locations, underscoring its significance as a major market with a high demand for convenient dining options. Florida comes next with 438 restaurants, highlighting its popularity among both residents and tourists. Ohio has 272 Pizza Hut locations, indicating a strong presence in the Midwest. North Carolina rounds out this list with 247 establishments, demonstrating the brand's reach into the Southeastern United States. This distribution pattern illustrates Pizza Hut's focus on maintaining a robust presence in states with significant and varied demographics.

Decoding Geospatial Data for United States Pizza Hut restaurants

Traffic Data

The visitation patterns for Pizza Hut restaurants in the United States offer valuable insights into customer behavior and restaurant performance. A substantial number of locations, totaling 3,978, experience above-average visitation, indicating a strong and consistent customer base across many regions. Additionally, there are 408 locations classified as highly visited, which suggests these restaurants are popular destinations, likely due to factors such as convenient locations, high-quality service, or strong community presence. In contrast, only 26 locations fall into the category of average visitation, highlighting that the majority of Pizza Hut restaurants attract more than the typical amount of foot traffic. This data underscores the brand's widespread appeal and effectiveness in drawing in customers.

Price Range

Pizza Hut excels in blending flavor and reasonable prices, ensuring each meal is both tasty and budget-friendly. The company keeps its menu prices within a reasonable range across all of its establishments in the United States. This method allows different customers, such as budget-conscious families and college students, to enjoy their favorite pizzas and sides at an affordable price. Pizza Hut continues to be a popular option for customers seeking a combination of top-notch dining at an economical cost through their offering of superior quality and affordable prices.

Number of Reviews

The number of reviews for Pizza Hut branches across the United States fluctuates significantly, ranging from 1 review to 2,050 reviews. This wide range showcases diverse customer engagement in different locations. Importantly, 4,931 of these companies have accumulated over 100 reviews each, demonstrating their popularity and strong customer interaction. Many Pizza Hut restaurants attract a high volume of customers and encourage them to share their dining feedback. This comprehensive review data demonstrates the brand's popularity and the satisfaction of its diverse clientele.

Leveraging Geospatial Intelligence for F&B Success in United States

Enhanced Site Selection:

Geospatial intelligence enables food and beverage businesses to identify prime locations for new establishments. Through examining information on population density, demographics, and the locations of competitors, businesses can pinpoint regions with considerable customer flow and limited competition, resulting in improved visibility and greater likelihood of success.

Operational Efficiency:

Geospatial intelligence offers understanding of delivery routes, traffic patterns, and regional supply chain logistics. This data can help streamline delivery schedules, cut transport expenses, and guarantee prompt restocking, ultimately improving operational efficiency and customer contentment.

Customer Behavior Analysis:

Examining spatial information allows companies to comprehend customer behaviors and patterns in various areas. By monitoring customer flow, visitation trends, and shopping behaviors, businesses can modify their menu options, pricing tactics, and service structures to more effectively cater to the desires and tastes of their clients in every particular location.

Competitive Benchmarking:

Geospatial intelligence allows companies to conduct competitive analysis by plotting out competitors' locations and comparing performance metrics. This enables the recognition of strengths and weaknesses in comparison to rivals, facilitating strategic changes to enhance market placement and gain a bigger portion of the local market.


In conclusion, Pizza Hut's extensive network of 6,226 restaurants across the United States underscores its prominent position in American dining. This guide has detailed the geographical distribution of Pizza Hut locations, highlighting strategic concentrations in key states that reflect both widespread popularity and operational efficiency. Geospatial intelligence has provided invaluable insights into customer visitation patterns, review metrics, and operational optimizations crucial for food and beverage businesses. By leveraging this data, businesses can enhance site selection, refine marketing strategies, streamline operations, understand customer behavior, and benchmark against competitors.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in United States

  • Location Optimization: xMap helps F&B businesses choose ideal locations by analyzing demographics and competitor presence.
  • Targeted Marketing: Businesses use xMap for precise marketing campaigns tailored to local consumer demographics, driving higher engagement and sales.
  • Operational Efficiency: xMap optimizes logistics like delivery routes and supply chains, cutting costs and improving efficiency.
  • Customer Insights: Analyzing xMap data reveals valuable customer behavior and foot traffic patterns, guiding menu and service improvements.
  • Competitive Edge: xMap enables competitive analysis by mapping competitor locations and performance metrics, aiding in strategic market positioning

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