How many McDonald's restaurants in California, United States? - All You need to know

June 6, 2024
8 mins read
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California, a state with a lively culture and diverse food scene, has a large number of McDonald's outlets, showcasing its vast size and multicultural population. These businesses in Los Angeles and along the calm coast demonstrate the widespread appeal and easy access of the brand. Whether you have a fascination with the business aspects or just want to know where to get a Big Mac, this extensive guide contains all the information necessary about McDonald's in California.

How many McDonald's restaurants are in California, United States?

In California, McDonald's has a significant presence with 1,233 restaurants throughout the state. McDonald's provides a popular and convenient dining choice in different locations, from busy cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to calm suburbs and small communities. The chain's popularity and important role in California's fast-food industry are underscored by its broad reach and service to millions of residents and visitors. It is worth noting that there are 109,360 restaurants and cafes in California.

Distribution of California, United States McDonald's restaurants by Counties


Number of F&B Establishments

Los Angeles County


San Diego County


Orange County


Riverside County


San Bernardino County


Sacramento County


Santa Clara County


Alameda County


Fresno County


Kern County


Contra Costa County


San Joaquin County


Ventura County


Los Angeles County has the highest number of McDonald's restaurants, with a total of 319 stores. The region experiences significant population concentration and widespread urban expansion, drawing in a diverse population and visitors, leading to numerous facilities being established. In second place, San Diego County boasts 98 McDonald's locations catering to both residents and visitors drawn to its mix of city and suburban environments. Because of its affluent communities, popular beaches, and attractions like Disneyland, Orange County boasts 88 McDonald's locations. There are 73 McDonald's locations in Riverside County, indicating its growth as a suburban and commuter hub. Similarly, San Bernardino County, with 68 McDonald's stores, meets the needs of its diverse urban, suburban, and rural areas within the large geographical region.

Decoding Geospatial Data for California, United States McDonald's restaurants

Traffic Data

In California, McDonald's locations see different amounts of customer traffic, with 476 spots labeled as above average and 436 as highly visited. These measurements showcase the brand's long-standing popularity and broad appeal throughout the state. McDonald's is consistently popular among a varied group of customers, offering a convenient and dependable dining choice in various locations such as busy cities, suburbs, or main roads. The higher-than-average and frequently visited areas not only show the strategic positioning of McDonald's restaurants but also the chain's skill in adjusting to the varied tastes and ways of life of Californians.

Price Range

Consistency is important at McDonald's, which also applies to the pricing of its menu items at all California locations. All McDonald's restaurants in the state uphold a low price range with a dedication to providing value to their customers. This consistent pricing strategy guarantees that regardless of where you eat - be it in downtown Los Angeles or a small countryside town - there will be affordable choices to accommodate different budgets. This method has helped establish McDonald's as an affordable option for dining, allowing people and families from all walks of life in California to easily enjoy their meals.

Number of Reviews

The number of reviews for McDonald's restaurants across California ranges from 1 to 6077 per location with around 1147 locations having more than 500 reviews. These varying counts offer insights into customer engagement and satisfaction levels at different outlets. High review numbers typically signify popular and well-received locations, while lower counts may indicate newer or less frequented spots. Overall, these reviews reflect the diverse experiences shared by patrons throughout the state, showcasing McDonald's enduring presence and ongoing interaction with its customer base in California.

How Geospatial Data can benefit F&B Businesses in California, United States?

Strategic Location Selection

Geospatial analysis is crucial in identifying the best locations for new food and beverage establishments. Businesses strategically place themselves by considering population density, foot traffic, and distance to competitors to improve visibility and convenience for their target market.

Real-Time Monitoring and Response

Businesses can track up-to-date weather and traffic information using geospatial technology. This ability allows for proactive adjustments to strategies, ensuring competitiveness and quick adaptation to upcoming opportunities in the ever-changing F&B industry.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Geospatial intelligence offers valuable insights into patterns of customer behavior. By examining geospatial data, companies can customize marketing tactics and menu choices to attract and keep customers, promoting loyalty and sustained financial success.

Market Adaptation

By utilizing geospatial data, companies can quickly adjust to shifts in market trends and consumer desires. This flexibility enables product customization and grasping of new chances, guaranteeing competitiveness and continuous growth in the constantly changing F&B industry.


In conclusion, McDonald's in California is synonymous with convenience and affordability, boasting 1,233 locations across diverse landscapes. This article has outlined its distribution by county, traffic data, pricing, and customer reviews, while highlighting the strategic role of geospatial intelligence in optimizing operations. Leveraging geospatial analysis enables informed decisions regarding location selection, real-time monitoring, customer behavior analysis, and market adaptation. Through this integration, McDonald's and other F&B businesses in California ensure continued relevance and prosperity in the dynamic culinary landscape of the Golden State.

Leveraging xMap for F&B Businesses in California, United States

  • Operational Efficiency: xMap allows food and beverage companies to improve operational procedures like delivery routes, staffing schedules, and resource allocation, resulting in higher efficiency and savings.
  • Market Analysis: Utilize xMap to conduct detailed market analysis, including demographic profiling, competitor positioning, and market saturation, aiding in strategic decision-making for business growth.
  • Brand Perception Analysis: Analyze geographical data from xMap to understand brand perception and sentiment among consumers in different regions of California, informing brand positioning and reputation management strategies.
  • Community Engagement: Use xMap to pinpoint community hotspots and points of interest in California, enabling community involvement efforts like local sponsorships, charity events, and outreach programs.

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