How Many Hospitals Are in the United States of America? A Comprehensive Data Analysis & Guide for Businesses

June 9, 2024
14 mins read
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Welcome to an exploration of the hospital network in the United States, a nation renowned for its advanced medical services and diverse healthcare landscape. This article delves into the vast number of hospitals across the country, highlighting visitation trends, top-rated facilities, and the invaluable insights that can enhance business strategies in the healthcare sector.

"As the health of our body is the foundation of our life, so are hospitals the foundation of our healthcare system."

This perspective encapsulates the essence of the U.S. hospital network, emphasizing a structure built on the pillars of accessibility and quality care for all.

The USA is home to 10,786 hospitals, creating a vast network that includes general hospitals, specialized centers, psychiatric facilities, and more. This extensive array of healthcare establishments plays a crucial role in ensuring comprehensive medical care for all citizens, reflecting the country's commitment to health and wellness and contributing to the well structured USA healthcare system.

Hospital Distribution Across States


Count of Hospitals





















A closer examination of hospital distribution reveals significant regional variation. Texas leads the way with 1,456 hospitals, showcasing its robust healthcare infrastructure. California follows with 1,240 hospitals, emphasizing the state's capacity to cater to its large population. Other notable states include Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, each providing essential medical services through a substantial number of healthcare facilities.

Hospital Distribution Across Counties


Count of Hospitals

Los Angeles County


Harris County


Bexar County


San Diego County


Washington County


Dallas County


Maricopa County


Orange County


Jackson County


Clark County


Focusing on a more granular level, Los Angeles County stands out with 256 hospitals, highlighting its role as a major healthcare hub. Harris County, with 117 hospitals, also plays a key role in local healthcare delivery. Other counties like Bexar, San Diego, and Washington contribute significantly to their regions, ensuring that both urban and rural populations have access to necessary medical care. This detailed distribution underscores the strategic placement of hospitals to meet diverse community needs effectively.

Most Visited Hospitals in the USA

Animal hospitals are the most visited healthcare establishments in the USA, with a notable number of above-average and highly visited facilities. Their critical role in providing essential veterinary care makes them a cornerstone in the healthcare landscape. The high visitation rates highlight the importance of veterinary services in maintaining animal health and the well-being of their owners.

Most Visited States for Hospitals

Texas leads in hospital visits, with a significant number of highly visited hospitals, followed by California and Missouri. These states are notable for their extensive healthcare services, drawing high visitation from residents seeking quality medical care.

Top Rated Hospital Types in the USA

Top 10 rated Hospital


Sum of rate



Memorial Hospital


Alpine Animal Hospital


Community Memorial Hospital


Community Hospital


Crossroads Animal Hospital


Dignity Health


Animal Health Center


St. Luke's Hospital


Mercy Medical Center


Hospitals, in general, top the ratings for healthcare establishments in the USA, reflecting their critical role in providing comprehensive medical services. Animal hospitals and general hospitals also receive high ratings, indicating their importance and effectiveness in the healthcare system.

Top Rated States for Hospitals

Texas stands out as the top-rated state for its hospitals, followed by California and Missouri. These states are recognized for their exceptional healthcare services, providing high-quality medical care that meets the needs of their populations.

Top Rated Counties for Hospitals

Los Angeles County leads as the top-rated county for its hospitals, followed by Harris County and Bexar County. These counties are noted for their excellent healthcare facilities, delivering high patient satisfaction and effective medical services.

How xMap Healthcare Establishments Data Can Help Businesses

xMap's Healthcare Establishments data is an essential tool for businesses aiming to enhance their operations and strategy in the healthcare industry. Here’s how xMap can empower your business decisions:

Strategic Site Selection: Utilize detailed data on population density and existing healthcare facilities to choose strategic locations that maximize reach and profitability.

Price Optimization: Utilize pricing data to competitively position your services in various markets, attracting more customers and boosting profitability.

Enhancing Customer Experience: Use patient satisfaction data to identify service strengths and areas for improvement, directly enhancing patient interactions and satisfaction.

Market Expansion: Identify underserved areas and potential market gaps to strategically expand your services and fill unmet needs.

Community Health Initiatives: Develop targeted health programs that address local health challenges based on trends and patient feedback from xMap data.


xMap’s data provides actionable insights that help businesses in the healthcare sector optimize their operations, expand their reach, and improve service quality. For more information on how xMap can guide your business decisions, contact

Navigate your business to success with xMap, utilizing detailed healthcare data to make informed, impactful decisions.

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