Gas Stations in Michigan, United States: All You need to know

April 23, 2024
10 mins read
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Gas stations are crucial landmarks within Michigan's vast transportation system, acting as important stops for both residents and tourists traveling in the area. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the gas stations in Michigan, including their locations within different counties and deciphering important geospatial information like prices, reviews, ratings, contacts, and popular websites. By utilizing this extensive amount of data, companies can obtain valuable knowledge and strategic benefits in this fierce market. Come with us as we investigate the complexities of gas stations in Michigan and discover how geospatial intelligence improves business success in this ever-changing field.

How many gas stations are in Michigan, United States?

Michigan's extensive array of 8,318 gas stations provides unparalleled convenience and accessibility throughout the state's varied terrains. From the lively city streets of Detroit to the peaceful edges of the Great Lakes, these stops are important points of interest for both visitors and residents. Michigan's gas stations are always on hand to provide individuals with a quick refueling, a refreshing drink, or a snack on the go. In addition to enabling smooth travel experiences, this vast infrastructure also plays a vital part in boosting the economy of the state through creating jobs and promoting business growth. Essentially, Michigan's 8,318 gas stations play a crucial role in the state's transportation network, improving its energy and connectivity. Remarkably, there are 196,643 gas stations in the USA.

Distribution of Michigan, United States Gas Stations by Counties


Number of Gas Stations

Wayne County


Oakland County


Macomb County


Kent County


Genesee County


Washtenaw County


Ingham County


Kalamazoo County


Saginaw County


Jackson County


Calhoun County


Ottawa County


Berrien County


St. Clair County


Wayne County leads the pack in Michigan's gas station count, boasting a substantial 1,282 stations. As the state's most populous county and home to Detroit, Wayne County's extensive network of gas stations ensures that urban commuters and travelers have convenient access to fuel and essential services.

Coming in right behind is Oakland County, which is home to 615 gas stations, offering plenty of refueling choices for locals and tourists as they traverse the suburban scenery. Oakland County's gas stations are crucial in supporting local commerce and transportation needs due to its lively communities and economic centers.

The 517 gas stations in Macomb County play a crucial role as key stops for travelers discovering both urban and rural regions. Macomb County's expanding suburban area has gas stations that serve commuters, tourists, and residents, playing a role in the county's vibrant transportation system.

Kent County serves as the hub of Michigan's western region, featuring a vibrant urban center in Grand Rapids and a total of 365 gas stations. These stations are important centers for drivers moving through the various landscapes of Kent County, including bustling city streets and picturesque countryside.

Genesee County completes the top five list with 315 gas stations, catering to both locals and travelers passing through towns such as Flint. Having a long history and various populations, the gas stations in Genesee County offer necessary amenities to tourists discovering the area's cultural and environmental landmarks.

Decoding Geospatial Data for Michigan, United States Gas Stations

Price Range

Michigan's gas stations offer a variety of price ranges to cater to different consumer needs and preferences. With a significant portion of stations, 6,613 to be exact, lacking specific pricing information, drivers may find themselves navigating based on other factors such as convenience or brand loyalty. For those seeking affordability, 504 stations offer inexpensive fuel options, providing budget-conscious drivers with cost-effective refueling choices. Alternatively, 1,199 stations fall into the moderately expensive category, offering a balance between quality and affordability for drivers willing to pay a bit more for their fuel. This diverse price range ensures that motorists across Michigan can find a gas station that aligns with their budget and priorities, contributing to a seamless and personalized refueling experience.

Number of Reviews

Michigan's gas stations attract varying degrees of attention and feedback from consumers, as reflected in the number of reviews they receive. The trend diagram illustrates this distribution, with the highest number of stations receiving just one review at 369, followed closely by 242 stations garnering two reviews. As the number of reviews decreases, the frequency of gas stations receiving that number of reviews gradually declines. For instance, 233 stations have three reviews, while 210 stations have four reviews. This trend continues, with fewer stations receiving more reviews as the count increases, indicating a typical pattern of consumer engagement with Michigan's gas stations. Such insights into review frequency can inform consumers' decisions and provide valuable feedback for gas station operators to enhance their services and offerings.


The ratings of gas stations in Michigan provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and experiences. The data reveals a range of ratings, with the most common being 4 stars, assigned to 546 stations. Following closely behind are ratings of 4.3 stars, with 448 stations receiving this score, and 4.1 stars, with 441 stations. The highest rating of 5 stars is awarded to 426 stations, signifying exceptional customer satisfaction and service. Stations with ratings of 4.2 and 3.9 stars also enjoy a significant presence, with 413 and 343 stations respectively. As the ratings decrease, the number of stations receiving each score gradually declines, reflecting varying levels of customer feedback and experiences across Michigan's gas stations. This rating data aids consumers in making informed decisions while providing valuable feedback to gas station operators for continuous improvement in service quality.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are essential for enabling communication and customer service at gas stations across Michigan. 7,583 gas stations in the state offer contact details for customers to request services, seek directions, or report emergencies. The ready access to phone numbers allows drivers to quickly contact for help or information, improving convenience and safety while driving. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that 735 gas stations in Michigan lack a phone number, which could restrict direct contact with customers. Yet, the vast majority of stations providing phone access highlights the industry's dedication to being accessible and supporting customers.

Popular Websites

The online presence of gas stations in Michigan varies widely, with a significant portion of stations, totaling 2,537, not having a dedicated website. However, for those with an online presence, several websites emerge as popular destinations for customers seeking information and services. Exxon leads the pack with 608 gas stations linking to its website, followed closely by BP's Map website, which boasts 550 stations. Sunoco's website attracts 443 stations, while Shell's Find website is linked to 410 stations. Other notable websites include Dollar General with 337 stations, Speedway with 308 stations, and Marathon Brand with 256 stations. Citgo, 7-Eleven, Meijer, Blarney Castle Oil, Kroger, and Johnny's Markets also maintain varying degrees of online presence, catering to customers' diverse needs and preferences. These websites serve as valuable resources for consumers to access information on fuel prices, station locations, rewards programs, and more, enhancing the overall customer experience in Michigan's gas stations.

Leveraging Geospatial Intelligence for Gas Station Success in Michigan, United States

Strategic Site Selection

Geospatial intelligence aids operators in analyzing demographic data, traffic flow, and competitor positioning to identify optimal locations for new stations or expansion, maximizing market reach and profitability.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Geospatial information helps operators create customized marketing strategies by targeting certain demographic groups and consumer behaviors in specific geographic areas, ultimately increasing customer interaction and visits to their gas stations.

Real-time Pricing Adjustments

Geospatial intelligence enables operators to adjust pricing in real-time by considering factors such as local economic conditions, competitor pricing tactics, and changes in consumer demand, ultimately maximizing revenue and staying competitive.

Market Demand Forecasting

By analyzing population trends, economic indicators, and transportation changes, geospatial intelligence enables operators to forecast market demand accurately, adjusting inventory and staffing levels to meet changing demand patterns and maximize profitability.


Gas stations in Michigan are vital for commuters and travelers, and this guide offers a comprehensive overview of their landscape, including distribution by counties and key geospatial data like pricing, reviews, and popular websites. With 8,318 stations statewide, Michigan ensures unparalleled convenience and accessibility, supporting economic activity. Operators can leverage this data for strategic decisions on site selection, marketing, pricing, and customer service, driving success in this competitive market. Geospatial intelligence optimizes efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction, positioning operators for sustained growth in Michigan's dynamic industry.

How xMap Data Enhances Business Insights

  • Geospatial Accuracy: xMap Data offers precise mapping of gas stations, crucial for strategic planning and expansion by identifying under-serviced areas accurately.
  • Continuous Updates: With regularly updated data, businesses can make informed decisions based on the latest market insights, fostering adaptability in a dynamic environment.
  • User-Friendly Interface: xMap boasts an accessible interface for businesses of all sizes, ensuring straightforward navigation and data utilization.
  • Strategic Competitive Analysis: Access to competitors' pricing and market positioning empowers businesses to develop effective differentiation strategies, gaining a competitive edge.
  • Route Optimization: Route analysis tools provide insights into optimizing supply chains, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving service delivery.

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